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Spiritual effect of a Saint on a possessed person

Using biofeedback machines an experiment was conducted to observe the effect of a Saint on the chakras of a person who was possessed by negative energies.


Demonic Possession


Comparative study of dowsing an object using a pendulum by seekers with and without negative energy

In this study we conducted an experiment to examine different spiritual variables that influence the results of dowsing with a pendulum. We compared the dowsing of an object by a seeker with and without negative energy distress.

Case study – Fugue state along with Transient Global Amnesia caused by negative energies

Mahesh travelled 500km from the SSRF center without any memory of his journey due to possession.

Overeating case study – spiritual root cause

Pratik suffered from compulsive overeating due to a departed ancestor fulfilling its desire for food through possession.

Uncontrollable constant cough caused by demonic possession

This is a video of how severe bouts of coughing can be caused by demonic possession.

Overcoming various problems in life including depression through chanting

Ian overcame his depression and suicidal thoughts caused by negative energies through spiritual practice.

Overcoming depression caused by ghost possession

When Elizabeth realized her depression was due to possession, she could overcome it through spiritual practice.

Healing depression with a spiritual remedy

Derek was plagued with bouts of severe depressive states since the age of 17 due to possession.