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Spiritual effect of a Saint on a possessed person

Using biofeedback machines an experiment was conducted to observe the effect of a Saint on the chakras of a person who was possessed by negative energies.

Spiritual solutions to protect oneself from the influence of negative energies on society

Understanding things at a vibrational level is an important element in making a decision as to whether something is good or bad for us at a spiritual level.

Steps of spiritual practice

Study of Spirituality Prayer Others steps

Spirituality in life | A guide to sattvik living

In this section we explore the various aspects of Spirituality in daily life by applying principles of saattvik living.

Reducing the risk of spirit or ghost possession

Explains what one can do to reduce the risk of possession by a ghost.

Spiritual research on possession

Ghosts (negative energies, demons, devils, etc.) can affect us in many ways physically, psychologically and spiritually.