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Past lives influence on our Personality

This article explains how our deeds and personality defects cultivated in past lives influence of our sub-conscious mind and personality.

Negative effects of ghosts on society

Trends created or fueled by negative energies have become norms in society. Practices and festivities we consider normal may well be influenced by negative energies and demonic entities in the subtle.

Why do People become Serial Killers and Mass Murderers

This article explains why people become Serial killers and mass murderers

How can one identify a person affected or possessed by a ghost by means of the intellect?

In this article we present some tips on how we can decide by our intellect whether one is affected or possessed by ghosts.

How Do People Get Possessed by Ghosts?

The act of possession typically goes through four generic steps. These steps can take place in a few moments or sometimes can take many months.


This article explains in detail the characteristics of a subtle Sorcerer (Maantrik)