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PATM – Causes and Treatment

People who suffer from PATM would normally search for physical and psychological causes and treatment. They should also consider spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies.

Effect of chanting in a spiritually pure environment

The efficacy and quality of chanting the Name of God can dramatically increase in a spiritually pure environment like the healing room in the Spiritual Research Centre

How to surrender to God by reducing doership

Doership, the feeling that “I am the doer” is a major obstacle in surrendering to God. Once doership is reduced, true surrender to God begins.

His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee’s path to Sainthood

This article elucidates the spiritual journey of His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee who reached Sainthood due to intense desire and spiritual emotion towards his Guru.

Her Holiness Yoya Vallee’s path to Sainthood

This is the life story and spiritual journey of Her Holiness Yoya who overcame all obstacles to reach Sainthood.

The spiritual journey and special features of Her Holiness Lola Vezilić

1. Short biography Her Holiness Lola Vezilić was born in April 1953. She is a graduate in economics and for most of her working career she organised professional congresses. Between 1991 and 1999, she lived and worked in Malaysia and Singapore. During her stay there, she got an opportunity to meet people of different cultures and … Continue reading The spiritual journey and special features of Her Holiness Lola Vezilić

From lesbian relationships to a heterosexual one

This article aims to shed light on how spiritual practice can help a person to overcome homosexual tendencies and live a happy heterosexual life.

Spiritual transformation – Spiritual practice removed problems with ancestral spirits

Learn how a seeker overcame ancestral problems with spiritual practice and is now leading a peaceful meaningful life.

Spiritual transformation – Finding God again

Silvia was eager to find God in her life and in this article she shares with us this quest.

Spiritual transformation – getting out of trouble due to spiritual practice

Learn how Auritro has overcome drug and alcohol abuse through spiritual practice.