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Spiritual cleansing of the black covering formed by negative energies around oneself

Did you know that removing one’s black energy covering can help you at a physical, psychological and spiritual level ? It can even alleviate physical and mental ailments.

What is black energy or dark energy ?

In today’s world, the unfortunate truth is that there is more black energy than positive energy around us. Learn about this negative subtle energy that affects everyone.

Infographic: Salt water therapy

This infographic explains the benefits of this simple and effective healing remedy, and the steps to perform it. It can be downloaded and printed for your use. For more information and a more detailed explanation of the remedy go to the salt water therapy article. Note for blogs and websites: Feel free to embed the Infographic … Continue reading Infographic: Salt water therapy

Spiritual Healing

A comprehensive resource for spiritual healing, comparison of various types of spiritual healing and advice on spiritual healing.

Limitations of Modern Medical Science and Need for Spiritual Healing

Medical science has limitations in curing diseases. There is a spiritual root cause behind most diseases that can be cured through spiritual healing.

Definition and meaning of ego

Ego is a major obstacle in the path of man’s worldly and spiritual happiness. If we learn how to reduce ego then we can access God’s grace more.

Best usage of SSRF incense sticks for maximum benefit

This article explains some practical tips on how to use SSRF Incense sticks for best results in spiritual healing.

Incense Sticks for Spiritual Healing

This article explains the specialty of SSRF incense sticks in bringing about spiritual healing.

Factors affecting the effectiveness of spiritual healing remedies

The factors affecting the effectiveness of a spiritual healing remedy are varied and depend on many aspects. The interplay between these various aspects is complex and the key underlying factor in the effectiveness of the spiritual healing is the person’s quality and quantity of spiritual practice.

How Will I Know If I Need Spiritual Healing?

This article explains the criteria that decide whether one needs spiritual healing