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Overcoming anxiety and depression through spiritual practice

30 years of severe anxiety attacks and depression were reduced within one year and overcome through simple spiritual practice – a case study.

Overcoming depression caused due to a paranoid personality disorder / paranoid (delusional) disorder

Learn how Raul overcame depression caused by a suspicious nature due to paranoid personality disorder.

Depression due to ghosts

Drawings based on subtle-knowledge of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) by Activity A ghost overpowering the state of mind of its victim causing depression      << Previous Drawing 2 of 2    This drawing based on subtle-knowledge of Elizabeth explained the spiritual root cause of her depression even though externally she had everything going for her, … Continue reading Depression due to ghosts

Drawings based on subtle-knowledge of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) by Activity

This is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge of Derek, being possessed by a ghost as seen by a seeker of SSRF with highly developed sixth sense. The drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows how the ghost is enveloping Derek with its black energy which impairs his mind and intellect. Due to this possession, Derek was plagued by difficulties like excessive sexual thoughts, inability to sustain relationships with others, long standing depression, suicidal thoughts, doing drugs etc.

Overcoming fear through Spiritual practice – A case study

Swati suffered from distress from a subtle sorcerer since childhood that caused abnormal behaviours in her.

Overcoming depression caused by ghost possession

When Elizabeth realized her depression was due to possession, she could overcome it through spiritual practice.