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Infographic: World War 3 Predictions

Recently, the situation in the world has taken a turn for the worse with an increase in terrorist activities, war, and political upheavals. More and more people are asking if this means we are heading towards a 3rd World War. Learn the reasons behind this dire state of the world and simple yet effective steps to safeguard … Continue reading Infographic: World War 3 Predictions

How to perform Agnihotra

How to perform Agnihotra in several easy steps. What happens during an Agnihotra ritual and why it is effective in reducing pollution from black energy.

Spiritual Research on Agnihotra

This article decribes how the spiritual ritual of Agnihotra may benefit our world which is becoming more physically and spiritually polluted.

Can Agnihotra prevent the effects of nuclear radiation?

This article presents spiritual research on the subject of the effect of nuclear radiation being minimised by the ritual of Agnihotra.