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How my ancestors prodded me to perform Shraddha to help them in the afterlife

When Carlyn became the centre of intense paranormal activity, instead of succumbing to fear, she used it as opportunity to help her ancestors in the afterlife and to grow spiritually.

Behaviour in schools – a spiritual analysis of a student seeker

An article which see the problems that a school has from the eyes of a child seeker with a strong understanding of Spirituality and how it can benefits us if practiced in daily living.

Spiritual transformation – getting out of trouble due to spiritual practice

Learn how Auritro has overcome drug and alcohol abuse through spiritual practice.

Children and teenage smoking – a spiritual perspective

1. Introduction Childhood and the teenage years are formative years during which the foundation for the overall growth and development of an individual is built. As this phase is marked with exuberance and high energy levels where a child learns and emulates others by observing, experimenting and exploring, it puts tremendous responsibility on parents and … Continue reading Children and teenage smoking – a spiritual perspective

Nudism – a spiritual perspective

Introduction Bathing in the nude in public on certain specific isolated occasions has been around from time immemorial. Over time, as we went deeper into the Kaliyug (the worst) Era, bathing in the nude in the presence of other nude people in public became somewhat common in many countries. It started as a movement for ‘going … Continue reading Nudism – a spiritual perspective

Social Issues


Spiritual effects of television and movies

Why do people watch TV? SSRF explains the spiritual effects of television and movies, as well as how TV genre affects the viewer and environment.

The case history in Cyriaque’s words

Cyriaque explains how he overcame problems with ancestral spirits by chanting Lord Datta’s Name.

Various ways people try to overcome their difficulties in life

Understand the common ways people try to overcome their difficulties in life and why they are not always successful.