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Materialisation of ghosts in the Absolute Earth element

The above is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge of how a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) materialising predominantly in the Absolute Earth element appears when viewed through the medium of a highly developed sixth sense. It appears blackish and takes the form of black frequencies, threads or masses. Ghosts like the common ghost (Bhūt) and Black Serpents (Kāla … Continue reading Materialisation of ghosts in the Absolute Earth element

Ghosts captured in photographs

On some occasions, a ghost materialises and can be captured on film. This article explains the mechanism behind this phenomenon and shows some examples of how they can appear.

What are the Absolute Cosmic Principles?

According to the science of Spirituality all creation is made up of five Absolute Cosmic elements or Absolute Cosmic principles (Panchatattva).


This article explains in detail the characteristics of a subtle Sorcerer (Maantrik)