SSRF's North American and European Tour 2015

From February to June 2015, SSRF conducted more than 70 free lectures across USA, Canada, Germany and Austria. Many people from different cultures attended our free workshops and have also started spiritual practice. Here are some of the comments from our attendees.

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September to December

Regina Borchert, Görlitz

"What I learned today about ancestors is very interesting and very good for my job. It completes my picture and now I have a better understanding of what is happening in the spiritual dimension."

Stephan Zeiss, Vienna

"It was a very interesting lecture with lots of things to learn."

Elisa Lorkowski, Görlitz

"I couldn´t start with spiritual practise up to now, but now I feel it is the correct time for this. I feel very grateful and ready to put into practice."

Hannes Rainer, Vienna

"I came today to the lecture despite that I already was at yesterday´s lecture with the same topic. Today in the morning I felt so different; I never felt like this before. I felt so positive and energetic, like nothing can happen to me. That´s why I came again today. I feel so grateful for all this and I will try my best with chanting and I will observe what else will happen."

Ashok Chawla, Toronto, Canada

"Very humble and focused presenters. Listening and dissemination is par excellence."

Rosemarie Kirby, Fonthill, Canada

"Thank you for your time and energy. The information you've provided has helped to spark the flame, to fuel my fire on the spiritual path. Namaste."

Chan Cudennec, Hong Kong

"Dear Friends, I highly recommend that you attend the talks presented by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) of India. The presenter, Shweta Clarke  from Goa, was a HR professional and when her life was transformed by this spiritual practice, she shifted her focus to nurturing new seekers in spirituality. Starting on Tuesday 17 Nov, Shweta will be in Singapore to share 4 lectures on why and how to cultivate and create a base of spiritual practice in order to achieve true happiness and inner calm. All talks are FREE. I attended her talk today and found it very enlightening. More info can be found here:

March to June

Grace, Florida, USA

"This presentation made me so peaceful and encouraged me to work on my karma."

Troye, Florida, USA

"It was more beneficial than I expected. It was the first time that I have seen a Saint."

Herta, Vienna, Austria

"It was a very nice lecture, I don´t have anything to share about it. I feel speechless."

Lolita, Toronto, Canada

"I really learned a lot about myself and to be mindful of my environment. The lecture was fantastic."

Barbara, Köln, Germany

"At the moment I'm excited, so no suggestions for improvement. Everything was good. Thank you."

Charlotte, Düsseldorf, Germany

“Very interesting workshop. The questions were answered in great detail. With great pleasure I will attend again.”

Daniel, Vancouver, Canada

"I am so grateful! This was amazing information, thank you. Please contact me about volunteer opportunities with SSRF."

Heidi, Neulengbach, Austria

"It is so nice and God´s blessing that we can come together and speak about spirituality. This is so precious and helps me a lot."

Jennifer, Florida, USA

"This has been wonderful! Insightful! Looking forward to next weekend. Wonderful, kind, and inspiring commentators."

Wolfgang, Vienna, Austria

"Very interesting lecture. Somehow it was God´s plan that I came here because I wanted to attend a Yoga class but instead a lecture was there."

Christina,  St. Pölten, Austria

"Now I see that spirituality is very important, there is no end after death. Now I feel there is time in my life and I will practice spirituality. Gratitude."

Brigette, North Carolina, USA

"I think that the workshop was very informative and I truly enjoyed it! I will be going to the website to learn more about SSRF. The speaker did an excellent job."

Nidhi, Vancouver, Canada

"The lecture on destined events was very nice and informative. The speaker was articulate and well versed on the subject matter. I enjoyed the lecture very much."

Maria, Vienna, Austria

"I can see how God leaded me through my life and helped me not to forget Him. Now He brought me to this path. He takes so much care! I feel so grateful for that."

Linde, Neulengbach, Austria

"I was chanting today for the first time in my life and I felt some circular motion and connection with God. This must be something very good and definitely I will come again! "

John, San Jose, USA

"Great. Wish there could be more workshops in San Jose, CA. Your website is also great and it is so wonderful to know someone is researching spiritual science."

Robert, North Carolina, USA

"My wife and I had a great experience while attending your lecture on Saturday in Mathews. I will be in touch with you often as my journey continues. My growth and wealth in the spiritual arena has just begun. Thanks."

Tom, Toronto, Canada

"Many people need to know that spiritual practice or more correct spiritual practice can help us achieve a release from or a coming to terms with our destiny, including breaking the cycle of birth and death. SSRF website shall point this out."

Ruth, Florida, USA

"Many thanks. What a fruitful and good afternoon meeting we had today! I am blessed and grateful to be with you and I am learning each time. Thank you for this information. Everyone in the group was so very special. What a gift! If I have any questions, I will write."

Eneida, Köln , Germany

"In the morning I wished intensely to God to help me and my partner on our spiritual path. In the evening volunteers of SSRF came and asked if they could put posters and flyers in my store. It was amazing and I was so happy about this first encounter. God has heard my desire."

Christina, Vancouver, Canada

"I felt the workshop was very informational and a great start for the beginner learner. I've appreciated the gentleness and the tempo of learning the examples of the workshop. I also appreciate that the website is available to refer to and learn from. Thank you for your sharing."

Clara, Toronto, Canada

"I loved the love that was present during the lecture. It was explained calmly and with a loving way that made it understandable and also believable. She was walking the talk. I had many questions afterwards and I didn't feel like I was bothering anyone with all my questions. She patiently answered them all with a huge smile. The diagrams helped explain everything and her voice was clear.

I could feel the love the moment I walked into the yoga studio. Everyone made a point of greeting us with welcoming smiles and you could feel that you were really welcome. When I said goodbye to Her Holiness Lola, she lovingly stroked my arm up and down and smiled to me. So beautiful. I will never forget that. Have a great day."