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In Nov and Dec 2014, SSRF conducted more than 50 free lectures across USA, Canada, Germany and Austria. Many people from different cultures attended our free workshops and have also started spiritual practice. Here are some of the comments from our attendees.

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Christine, Austria

"Your lecture changed my view about Spirituality and that I am very grateful to SSRF and God for it."

Nanette, Germany

"My wish is to do spiritual practice; to
progress, would like if you can have one
lecture in Berlin someday."

Efram, Florida, USA

"Excellent lecture, I am feeling spirit in my life and they are my guide for many things and I am getting everything."

Lewis, Colorado, USA

"It would be nice to share space and chant together while we are all together. Thanks for sharing your time & knowledge!"

Betty, Mississauga, Canada

"Very interesting subject. I want to know
more about spiritual healing, because I feel I suffer from spiritual problems."

Andrea, California, USA

“I enjoyed the speaker and her lighthearted nature. Providing her own experiences made her relatable and made me more invested in her words and the practice.”

Monica, Toronto, Canada

"Very articulate. This has been exactly what I needed I feel guided and not so alone. I now feel invigorated and excited to study, chant and be a part of a community."

Sadhvi, Vancouver, Canada

"Excellent - Extremely inspiring and powerful. Definitely this is very scientific. The chant is so beautiful and powerful. Deeply appreciate this lecture which offers another dimension which I learn now."

James, California, USA

"I enjoyed this very much, and I am grateful to have  attended. This has helped me to learn of a place where I can go to expand my spiritual growth. I have felt spiritually stagnant. I am happy to have found SSRF."

Karin, Austria

"I liked openness of people and natural way of conducting. Also I felt nice because I don’t like 'healing messages' from conductors and when they speak from superiority. I got motivated to work on my own progress."


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