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Manifestation of demonic possession causing the possessed person to speak in a strange tongue or gibberish

  • The people featured in this video are seekers of God doing moderate to intense spiritual practice (sadhana, sādhanā ) as per the six basic principles of spiritual practice.

  • They are possessed by ghosts.

  • They have been treated by spiritual healing remedies. This spiritual healing has forced the ghosts in them to surface and manifest.

  • The strange sounds they are making are gibberish.

  • The reason ghosts speak gibberish when manifest is generally due to one or more of the following reasons:

    • Calling for help from superior ghosts to fight the positivity generated through spiritual healing

    • Gaining distressing energy through incantation

    • Throwing distressing energy on the people around directly or indirectly

  • In all cases the strange speech stopped after spiritual healing.

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