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Water turning red in rivers, lakes and seas – Spiritual perspective

Water turning red

1. Introduction to water in rivers, seas and rain turning red

In the recent past, from approximately 2010 a strange phenomenon has been creating news in the waterways around the world. Water in rivers, lakes, seas and even rain is turning red in colour. Some of these river colour changes have taken place overnight turning large areas of water bodies  turning red. Views from scientists about this phenomenon are inconclusive and cannot explain every occurrence of the phenomenon. There are various theories being examined such as

  1. Red Algae bloom

  2. Pollution

  3. The high concentration of salt in the form of salt flats, turning the normally blue water into a deep red shade.

  4. Climate change – ocean acidification

Some people are of the opinion that this phenomenon is a warning of the times to come, a period of tribulation or Armageddon. As strange as this phenomenon is, it seems that water in rivers, lakes and seas turning red is spreading to more and more bodies of water around the world. Fish and birds are dying by the thousands in such red bodies of water, due to this phenomenon. Sometimes referred to as a “red tide”, these events usually occur in estuaries and along the coastlines, although they can also occur in fresh water. The following table is a time line of this phenomenon.

Month/year Country Place where water body turned Red Name of water body Water type
25-Jul-01 India Kottayam/Idukki Not applicable Rain
29-Jun-05 Iraq Sadr City Sadr City lake Lake
Jul-06 India Kerala Not applicable Rain
Jul-07 India Kerala Not applicable Rain
Jul-08 India Kerala Not applicable Rain
10-Sep-09 USA Blackstone, Boston Blackstone river River
1-Aug-11 USA OC Fisher OC Fisher lake Reservoir lake
15-Feb-12 Lebanon Furn al-Shubbak Beirut River River
4-Jun-12 Senegal Retba Lake Retba Lake
5-Jul-12 India Kannur Not applicable Rain
25-Jul-12 Ukraine Berdyansk Azov Sea
7-Sep-12 China Chongqing Yangtze River River
17-Nov-12 East Sri Lanka Sevenagala Not applicable Rain
27-Nov-12 Australia Sydney Bondi beach and other close by beaches Sea
11-Jan-13 Netherlands Blue Heron Blue Heron canal Canal
19-Jun-13 Australia Hillier Lake Hillier Lake
9-Aug-13 France Camargue Camargue Lake Lake
19-Aug-13 Kazakhstan Karaghanda Karaghanda Snow
3-Dec-13 Slovakia Myjava Unknown River
6-Jan-14 UK Northampton A stream in the Thorplands area Stream
31-Jan-14 Antarctica McMurdo Dry Valley Taylor Glacier Waterfall
30-Apr-14 Switzerland Bern Lotzwil River
Not available Australia Hutt Lagoon Hutt Lagoon Lake
Not available Spain Salinas de Torrevieja Salinas de Torrevieja Lake
Not available Tanzania Natron Lake Natron Lake
6-Jun-2014 Serbia Gornji Milanovac Despotovica River
22-Aug-2014 USA Off the coast of Florida Gulf of Mexico Sea tide

2. An explanation of water turning red from a spiritual research perspective

2.1 Precursor to Armageddon

Negative energies: At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, we use the term 'negative energies' as a collective noun to represent all types of entities in the spiritual dimension that intend to harm humanity right from the 'common ghost' to the highest level 'māntriks'. If the spiritual strength of a common ghost is between 1 and 10 units, then a māntrik's strength ranges from a billion to close to infinity.

As a rule of thumb whenever there is a phenomenon that cannot be explained despite best efforts from scientists, it is more likely to have a spiritual root cause. In our article World War 3 Predictions, we have explained that the Universe is in the midst of a huge subtle battle. Most of this battle is fought at a subtle level. However a fraction of the subtle battle is manifesting on the Earth plane and humanity is and will be severely affected. It will result in many worldwide problems, severe natural disasters and will finally culminate in the 3rd World War.

Behind this subtle battle are powerful demonic forces known as māntriks from the lower regions of Hell. There are many things that these powerful mantriks do and can to reduce the spiritual purity (Sattva subtle component) on Earth and increase the spiritual impurity (RajaTama subtle) component on Earth.

When there is an increase in the over all Raja-Tama on Earth, there is a destabilising effect on the environment that leads to war and natural disasters. With heightened Raja-Tama levels in the environment, negative energies find it easy to create a war-like situation instantly. The wars and social unrest that we are witnessing in 2013-2014 (and will witness in the years to come) are primarily due to the minds of people across the world becoming unstable (due to impurity of the mind) and negative energies working through people to create such conflict. In this subtle battle mantriks are taking every opportunity to increase their power and to reduce the sattvikta on Earth.

The major reason for water  turning red  is due to mantriks from the 5th region of Hell and is a sign of the build up of distressing energy towards World War 3. In the table below, we have provided data gained through spiritual research that shows the root cause for water  turning red around the world.

water turning red - subtle process

Reasons for Water bodies Turning Red % Of reasons Increase in Raja-Tama due to which the water Body turns red Negative effect of the phenomenon on the environment
Physical / man-made reasons1







  1. By physical / man-made reasons: This mean reasons such as pollution.

  2. By spiritual causes we mean that the root cause of the phenomenon is in the spiritual dimension (negative energies, ghosts, unrighteous behavior in society thus causing an increase in Raja-Tama, etc.). If the cause of the red colour is due to red algae, it is due to spiritual causes. We have expanded on this in the section below.

  3. This means that just a 5% increase in Raja-Tama can be a catalyst for such a phenomenon.

  4. This means that there is a 10% increase in negative vibrations in the area that can be felt up to a distance of 10 km.

The scientific community is limited as it tries to understand phenomena only by the means of the intellect. However phenomena such as water bodies turning red cannot be explained just by the use of the intellect, as the cause of the phenomenon for most parts is due to elements in the spiritual dimension. When the root cause is spiritual in nature it can only be explained by spiritual research or with advanced sixth sense.

3. How do negative energies become a cause for water turning red

Higher-level negative energies such as mantriks from the spiritual dimension cause water to turn red just by their supernatural powers (siddhis). However, to make something happen from scratch takes up a lot of energy. So that they do not waste their spiritual energy, they use the medium of Raja-Tama predominant plant life and fish to create such red colour. The basic nature of algae’s is Raja-Tama predominant. Mantriks use spiritual black energy to fuel an algal bloom. They infuse algae with black energy. (An algal bloom is a rapid increase or accumulation in the population of algae (typically microscopic) in an aquatic system.) When multiplying, algae also help to multiply the black energy and distressing vibrations in the water.

Another method is that mantriks take control of fish and other aquatic creatures that are more Raja-Tama predominant and use them to create the red colour in water. As fish are highly mobile such distressing frequencies are easily spread through large areas of water bodies. Species are especially infused with black energy during their breeding time. Then just by their respiration itself a school of fish can pump out large amount of distressing vibrations. Also by tainting marine life with black energy, mantriks indirectly affect people when they eat the affected fish. Using such practices mantriks exponentially increase the presence of black energy and distress in aquatic systems.

3.1 Red rain

With their supernatural powers mantriks can also affect clouds to make red rain that has been seen in places such as Kerala, South India and Sri Lanka. The minute particles found in the rain in Kerala are nothing like scientists have seen and are in fact actually caused by mantriks. These cells can undergo rapid replication even at an extreme high temperature of 300 °C.

red river,blood water,turning red

In the diagram above particles from the red rain in Kerala, India are seen under the microscope:

1. Particles from red rain sample from Kerala as seen under a microscope (Source: Wikipedia)

2. A single spore viewed with a transmission electron microscope, purportedly showing a detached inner capsule. (Source: Wikipedia)

3. If one looks at the particle more closely one can see a face in it. When negative energies attack objects they sometimes leave an imprint of their form.

Mantriks turn rain red by using or modifying particles/micro organisms to create distressing vibrations on Earth. They generally do not create particles or organisms as it wastes too much of their spiritual energy. However they can modify or alter the properties of an existing particle or micro organism considerably so that it seems like something new has been discovered.

4. Use of the Absolute Cosmic Elements

Mantriks through their supernatural powers (also known as siddhis in Sanskrit language) use the 5 Absolute Cosmic Elements to achieve destruction on the Earth plane. Since people are mostly made up of the Absolute Earth and Absolute Water element, mantriks therefore use these two Absolute Cosmic elements to the maximum to affect the human constitution and humankind. The Absolute Air element is also used in the large-scale dispersal of distressing vibrations as they can be easily transmitted through this medium.

By causing water bodies to turn red with distressing vibrations mantriks can spread distressing vibrations rapidly. However when water evaporates that same distressing vibrations continue through water vapour to affect large areas even more rapidly.

So also the seabed under the affected water body also becomes affected.

The mantriks focus only on those regions where the environment is conducive for the growth of Raja-Tama components. All in all these affected places become store houses of distressing energy that will be used to orchestrate World War 3!

5. Significance of the colour

So what is the significance of colour in these attacks?

  • Attack through red colour: This is the first stage of a series of attacks by negative energies. Negative energies create an illusory red colour with their black energy. The main function of this illusory red colour is to adversely affect people at a physical level. Due to this, various physical ailments will occur such as breathing problems, reduction in vital energy, incurable disease, etc. Due to such ailments, people’s ability to function will be reduced greatly.

  • Attack through green colour: In this next stage of attack in 2016, mantriks will attack through an illusory green colour. The water of sea, rivers, lakes etc. will look dark green. The focus of the illusory green colour will be to cause problems at a mental level. In this stage there will be an increase in murders, rapes and bloodshed. (On 23 Jan 2014, Dombivili an outer suburb of Mumbai experienced green rain.)

  • Attack through brown colour: In the next stage, that is, in 2017, water bodies will be affected with a dark brown colour. The rains will also be dark brown. Through the colour brown mantriks will take full control of the human body in which man will lose his existence. He will be like a puppet in the hands of the mantriks. Actual demoniacal energies will pervert people’s minds, will move around on the Earth in the form of physical bodies and they will cause great harm to both Nations and Righteousness. They will also harass the Saints and good people.

  • Attack through black colour: In this final stage through the colour black, devastation due to war will begin in greater proportion after 2018. After 2018, the period will be of total ruin, the seawater will turn blackish and humankind will experience black rain. Nations and righteousness will face fatal danger. Devastation due to war will begin in greater proportion.

6. Can this phenomenon of water turning red be avoided?

If humankind makes a supreme effort to adapt its lifestyle to a more Sattva (positive) predominant one, then there will be reduction in the Raja-Tama in the world and an increase in the Sattva component. This includes reducing personality defects such as selfishness, greed etc., and starting spiritual practice. It is imperative that in order to make a difference, spiritual practice undertaken needs to take a more universal form rather than a sectarian form. Spiritual practice according to the six basic principles of spiritual practice is the most conducive means for spiritual growth in the current era. Accordingly such phenomena in nature will reduce.

We encourage all our readers to spread the word of the necessity of spiritual practice to others around us, in order to increase the cumulative sattvikta or spiritual purity on this planet.

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