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Disadvantages of human cloning – Spiritual perspective

Disadvantages of human cloning - Spiritual perspective

1. Introduction to spiritual research into disadvantages of human cloning

Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human being, human cell, or human tissue. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning. Although human clones in the form of identical twins are commonplace, their cloning is a part of the natural process of reproduction.

For many years a debate about the various issues pertaining to human cloning has been going on around the world. This debate is mostly centered on social, moral and ethical issues. In this article we look at human cloning from a spiritual perspective.

A seeker of SSRF having advanced sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP) did spiritual research into disadvantages of human cloning. He received Divine Knowledge about human cloning in the form of a comparative study between a human clone generated from a single cell and a human being generated from the fusion of a sperm and ovum.This comparison was across some key parameters. The accuracy of this knowledge has been verified by His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale.

2. Disadvantages of human clone and a human born by fertilisation of sperm and ovum

The following is a summary of the key findings. The parameters are expanded upon in the slideshow below.

Human Cloning facts-table - Parameters

Key background points:

  • In the present times the mode spiritual level of an average person in society across the world is 20%.
  • All references to ‘average person’ or ‘Human from fertilised ovum’ in this article refer to a spiritually average person, i.e. a person having a spiritual level close to 20%. This spiritually average person could well be a billionaire, a head of state or a celebrity from show business.The figures in the slides are the maximum possible for that category.

To access this slideshow please either click on the slide numbers below or hit the play button on the bottom right hand side (of the slideshow).

3. In summary

Whatever benefits we may possibly hope to derive from human cloning at the physical and mental level, it would be pertinent to carefully consider the spiritual disadvantages (repercussions). Unless we do this we will be doing humanity at large a massive disservice.


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