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Test your sixth sense – sinkholes – The Great Blue Hole near Ambergris Caye, Belize

Step 1
Focus your mind
Step 2
Observe A
Step 3
Input Reading
Step 4
Check Reading

Step 2: Observe Figure A

If you are doing this type of an experiment for the first time please read the instructions on how to observe Figure A and what you should be trying to perceive. Click here for instructions.

Look at Figure A for two minutes. Please note all the nuances that you feel on a piece of paper and the sequence in which you feel them.

Figure A

Focus your attention on the figure and observe how the figure or object affects you. While observing the figure, it is important to note that this feeling should not be one that is influenced by what you see but what you feel or how your body and subtle senses react to it. Observe whether you feel pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.
The feeling that we are discussing out here is more about vibrations that the object or person emits. For example, you may have met someone for the first time who may be well dressed and good looking but you may get a bad vibe from him. On the other hand someone dressed simply and not that good looking may emit good vibrations and you would have a warm feeling in their company. It is this vibe that we ask you to notice while observing the figure.

  • A pleasant sensation or vibe could be that of decrease in thoughts, increase in the quality of chanting, slowing down of the breathing rhythm, pleasant coolness, a nice warm feeling, pleasant pressure like feeling, feeling of peace, contentment or happiness, seeing white light or a mental image of white light, etc. No matter what the specific experience, the underlying feeling has to be one of pleasantness or positivity, a feeling of wanting the experience to continue.
  • An unpleasant sensation could be that of difficulty in breathing, nausea, negative thoughts, vision of strange or creepy figures, distressing cold, heat, headache, constricting or distressing pressure, pain, getting a vision of the object in dark, black tones, etc.  Here the underlying feeling is one of unpleasantness or negativity, and one has the feeling of not wanting to continue that experience.

  • A neutral experience would be where one does not experience any change in one’s feeling while looking at the figure.

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