Subtle experiment on Cupboard

Step 1
Focus your mind
Step 2
Observe A
Step 3
Input Reading
Step 4
Check Reading

4.1 How did you compare with the others doing this sixth sense experiment?

Feeling Fig A Reading
Pleasant 756
Unpleasant 1611
Neutral 573
Total 2940


This cupboard used to be the cupboard that His Holiness Dr Athavale (a Saint who is above the 90% spiritual level) used for a number of years. This cupboard is well known in the SSRF spiritual research centre as the cupboard spiritual healing ability and has now been placed in the spiritual healing room. Each compartment of the cupboard including its drawers from time to time spontaneously emits a unique fragrance such as Sandalwood and Jasmine. Sometimes it would also emit other fragrances that would have a destroyer function (destroying negative energy). When the cupboard was empty and the doors open, the principle behind the healing function is just like the box treatment we have explained in the self-healing section of our website.

  • Seekers at the research centre who are possessed by negative energy would feel a lot of distress in front of the cupboard. In fact it was the possessing entity that was feeling the distress.

  • For those that just have a black energy covering, they could feel a bit of discomfort as the cupboard has the ability to heal. This discomfort was actually due to the destruction of the black energy covering around them. Sometimes one can misunderstand intense positive energy as distress because we are not able to tolerate such a strong spiritually positive stimulus.

  • For the people who felt positive, this is because they were able to perceive the positive vibrations from the cupboard. These are usually people who have less or no distress due to negative energies.

  • For those who got a neutral reading this could be one of two reasons:

    • The sixth sense of the person has not yet developed.

    • The person has a thick subtle negative covering due to being affected or possessed by negative energies that disallows them to feel the positivity of the cupboard.

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