Subtle experiment on clothes

Step 1
Focus your mind
Step 2
Observe A
Step 3
Observe B
Step 4
Compare A & B
Step 5
Input Reading
Step 6
Check Reading

6.1 How did you compare with the others doing this sixth sense experiment?

1. Independent reading

  Figure A Figure B

2. Compare

Which figure did you feel better looking at?
Figure A
Figure B
Total 8426

6.2 Answer

The two concealed figures were an ironed shirt and a wrinkled one.


One feels pleasant looking at figure A (concealed ironed shirt) and unpleasant when looking at figure B (concealed wrinkled shirt).

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6.3 The Spiritual science behind the experiment

It is easy to understand that one feels unpleasant while looking at a wrinkled shirt and pleasant when looking at an ironed one. However what is the reason about feeling unpleasant when looking at figure B even though we did not know it was a wrinkled shirt? The reason cannot possibly be due to any tangible visual and/or psychological influence because the shirt was not visible.

The actual reason we felt unpleasant while looking at figure B which concealed a wrinkled shirt is because of a deeper intangible effect at a spiritual level. Wrinkles attract the subtle basic tama frequencies. Tama frequencies attract and emit distressing energy, which affects us adversely. As the ironed shirt does not have wrinkles, it gives a pleasant experience.

Please read the article about the three subtle basic components.

6.4 Practical application

From the above experiment we learn how tama frequencies acting through the medium of wrinkles can emit and attract distressing frequencies that affect us adversely. While ironing out the wrinkles we change the frequencies emitted by the object.

As a general rule anything that is untidy, distorted, mutilated, haphazard etc. has a high basic subtle tama component and hence attracts and emits distressing frequencies that adversely affects our efficiency, vitality, happiness and tranquility. The subtle basic sattva component has just the opposite effect. Hence to be successful, happy, content and tranquil in life we need to lead a lifestyle high in sattva component.

In our own homes and lives, we can make an effort to as far as possible reduce the basic subtle tama influences and increase the sattva influence. This will help to avoid ill effects of the distressing frequencies and promote positive energy in the atmosphere.