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Spiritual Science behind Spontaneous Oily Stains appearing

1. Introduction oily stains appearing spontaneously

The seekers associated with the mission of His Holiness Dr. Athavale have experienced many paranormal experiences in their lives and the reason for this we have mentioned in the article introducing these Horrifying Supernatural Encounters. In this article, we explain how oily stains have been seen to appear spontaneously on various items such as clothes and pictures of deities and Saints. On the face of it, oily stains appearing may not look that horrifying, however if the source of these oily stains are indeed higher level negative energies, then they can have a long lasting adverse impact on the immediate environment.

2. Examples of oily stains spontaneously occurring

The following is a slideshow of various items that have had oily stains spontaneously appearing in them.

3. Key features of oily stains created by negative energies

  • Reason: The main reason why negative energies create oily stains by subtle-means is that through the stains they are able to facilitate storehouses of black energy to have a spiritually detrimental effect on the environment. Once a storehouse of black energy is created in an oily stain it also become like a hub for the exchange of black energy, i.e. both for the imbibing and emitting of black energy.
  • How:
    • In order to create oily stains by subtle-means alone, higher level negative energies through their supernatural powers (siddhis) make use of the Absolute Cosmic Earth Principle (Pruthvītattva) and the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle (Āpatattva).
    • Through spiritual research we have found that most of the oily stains seen appearing through supernatural means (in SSRF related premises) generally comprises of animal and human fat. Quite often instead of creating an oily stain through purely subtle-means (which would take alot of spiritual energy), higher level negative energies extract animal or human fat or any other oil and dematerialise it and then materialise it at the place they want to attack.
    • Thereafter using spiritual energy generated through trāṭak (staring at an object as a yogic exercise) or mantras or supernatural powers higher level negative energies charge the oily stain with black energy.
  • Spiritual strength to create: It takes a certain amount of spiritual strength for a negative energy to create oily stains through subtle-means alone. The following is the minimum spiritual strength that a negative entity has to have depending on the type of item it attacks and who the item belongs to.
    • Creating oily stains on items belonging to an average person: 3rd Region of Hell (Pātāl)
    • Creating oily stains on items belonging to a seeker doing regular spiritual practice: 4th Region of Hell
    • Creating oily stains on items within an ashram premises: 4th Region of Hell
    • Creating oily stains on items related to H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj and H.H. Dr. Athavale: 4th Region of Hell

Note:There are seven Regions of Hell and the higher the Region of Hell, the more powerful is the negative energy. For example a subtle-sorcerer (māntrik) from the 5th Region of Hell, would be much more powerful than a subtle-sorcerer from the 3rd Region of Hell. The more spiritually pure a subject is, the more energy is required to attack it by subtle-means.

  • Unique features:
    • Since the oily stains have a high predominance of the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle, they are best suited for imbibing and storing large amounts of black energy.
    • Sometimes the shape of the oily stains is in the form of a doll. In such cases of doll type of stains the possibility of emitting black energy is higher along with a black magic kind of an effect.
  • Oily smell: The oily stains that are created by subtle-means also have a subtle oily smell that accompanies them. This is as per the spiritual principle that the name (word), touch, form, taste, smell and the related energy coexist.
  • The effect:The effect of the stain takes place at various levels
  • At a physical level:The unique feature of oily stains is that subtle-sorcerers manifest their supernatural power with the help of the Absolute Cosmic Earth Principle through the medium of these stains. The form imprinted with the help of the Absolute Cosmic Earth Principle attacks the gross body (sthūladēha) itself.
  • On the vital body sheath (prāṇa-dēha): An oily stain created through supernatural means has the special ability to affect the Vital energy (Prāṇa-shakti) of a person and create extreme lethargy and inertia.
  • On the mental and intellectual bodies: Can create depressive thoughts, slowness of the intellect, etc.
  • At spiritual level: Obstacles in spiritual practices such as doubts about spiritual practice, etc.

4. Example of spiritual research on a subtle attack

At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), we have seekers with an advanced sixth sense of vision who can view an event in the spiritual dimension just as an average person views an event in the world that we can see. As you can see from the picture below an oily stain has developed through a laminated picture of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj. Eye witness accounts say that that it happened spontaneously and without any rational cause.


oily stain on H H Bhaktraj Maharaj picture
The following is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge drawn by Ms. Yoya Vallee which gives one a glimpse of how such a type of attack occured.
negative energies attack on H H Bhaktraj Maharaj picture


Note:A special protective border is kept around the picture to protect the viewer from negativity emanating from the form of the negative energy depicted.

The negative energy that finally caused the attack was a spirit (pishāch) who was acting on the orders of a subtle-sorcerer from the 5th Region of Hell.

To reduce the strength of the subtle divine fragrant frequencies emitted from the photograph into the atmosphere, the negative energy tried to cover them with foul smelling oily frequencies. The spirit tried to trap the Divine frequencies in the photograph itself by attacking them with the water based foul frequencies coming from the outer covering of his body, which resulted in the photograph becoming foggy. During this attack however the spirit too was affected. Due to the frequencies of the Absolute Fire Principle (Tējtattva) emitted from the photograph, the outer covering of the spirit developed holes and an oily foul smelling liquid started leaking from it.

Due to the oily foul smelling frequencies emitting from the photograph distress such as nausea, vomiting, restlessness were experienced by the people in the immediate environment.

5. Nullifying the effect of spontaneous oily stains

As discussed in the above section, oily stains can have a long term adverse effect on the immediate environment and the seekers residing there.  The following table shows the difference of effect of wiping an oily stain, versus letting it be there, versus treating it with some spiritual measure such as the application of Holy ash (Vibhūti).



  1. Unless repeated spiritual measures are taken to remove the effect of an oily stain, problems may continue.

6. More information on the stains created through subtle means

6.1 Type of pictures that have been attacked

It was noticed that that pictures of H.H. Dr. Athavale that were taken at a personal level by seekers were not prone to attack by stains. However official pictures that were printed for samashṭi purposes (for collective spiritual practice) were the ones that have been attacked.

The following is the answer received through divine knowledge:

The Divine Energy (Shakti) of God in the form of resolve backs the formal printed pictures of H.H. Dr. Athavale. That is why negative energies attacked these pictures created on the basis of active resolve. However, stains have not been created on the pictures taken at a personal level where the main intention is personal memorabilia. This shows that the mission in the form of samashti objective is more than the vyashṭi objective (i.e. for individual spiritual practice).

6.2 How do the stains increase over time?

It has also been observed that the stains appearing on H.H. Dr. Athavale’s pictures have increased over time or there are fresh stains. The questions that came to mind were:

  • Why do the stains continue to increase over time on the various pictures that have been attacked?
  • Is it due to fresh attacks or because of negative energy being attracted to the stains already present?

The answer obtained through spiritual research was as follows:

The stains increase because of fresh attacks. The Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in the atmosphere in the form of samashti mission disintegrates the black energy in the stains. The subtle-sorcerers persevere in their attacks in the same proportion and transmit black energy in various ways to hinder the progress of samashti mission.

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