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Horrifying Supernatural phenomena – Blood stains

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Credits and our token of appreciation to all those who helped us to make this video

SSRF would like to thank the people and institutions below for assisting with locations and the production of this documentary.

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Location Courtesy

1. Mr. Siddharth Dubey,

2. Dr. and Mrs. Raghunandan and family

3. Goldshield Services Pvt. Ltd., Goa, India.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Rajendra Narvekar and family

5. Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule College, Goa, India.

6. First European Infotech, Goa, India.

7. Hanuman Lawande and Associates, Goa, India.

8. Dr. and Mrs. Desai and family

Transcript of the video on Horrifying Supernatural Encounters – Episode 1

Our Gratitude

We pay gratitude to H.H. Dr. Athavale, (source of inspiration for SSRF) for guiding us in acquiring this invaluable knowledge, and giving us the platform for communicating it to the world.

Viewer discretion required

This documentary contains dramatisation of real life events of people who have been attacked by higher level negative energies (higher level ghosts).

Viewing by mature audiences and viewer discretion is recommended.

Dramatisation of blood stains appearing in the house.

Initial Credits

Title: Horrifying Supernatural Encounters – From the SSRF Files

In this series: Attacks through blood stains – By higher level negative energies

Produced and directed by seekers of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation

Episode 1

All the science in this video has been gained through spiritual research using advanced sixth sense.

1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to the first episode in our series on “Have you experienced this?” My name is Sean and I will be your guide as we enter the murky world of higher level ghosts or negative energies. Today we will share with you a unique and bizarre phenomenon which defies all physical laws. A supernatural phenomenon that stems from the deep recesses of the dark side of the spiritual dimension. In this part of our series on how negative energies can attack us we will show you how they can create blood stains and attack us through them.

For over 20 years the Spiritual Science Research Foundation has been researching various aspects of the spiritual dimension with the help of advanced sixth sense. We have also used biofeedback machines to demonstrate the effect of the spiritual dimension.

We spread the knowledge gained through our findings to help society understand how the spiritual dimension affects every aspect of our lives on a daily basis, right from the clothes that we wear, the music that we listen to, and the problems that we have.

Montage shots of various attacks on seekers items. Caption: All these phenomena have occurred with no known physical or medical cause or any other rational explanation.

1.1 Spiritual Research involves observation and analysis of negative energies

Now a large part of our research also involves how negative energies or ghosts affect humanity and possess people, and most of the time without their knowledge. As a result the research centre and the people associated with it are also heavily attacked by higher level negative energies in various ways.

The seekers associated with SSRF themselves have been attacked at a physical level. Some of the physical problems include rashes, lack of energy, heart problems, paralysis, blindness, blood stains appearing out of nowhere, spontaneous burning of Deities and Saints pictures and scratches on the wall.

At a psychological level seekers have been possessed and their thoughts manipulated by these higher level negative energies so as to get them into a severe depression and this has resulted in a number of obstacles in their service to spread  this knowledge.

Inspite of all of this the seekers of SSRF, by the grace of God, have only become more resolute with their spiritual practice and their service to spreading spirituality and helping mankind understand this dimension.

The case we are about to show you is an example of unexplained wet blood stains with no evidence of marks or wounds, nose bleeds or any other rational explanation.

1.2 A unique documentary on the paranormal

You will find that this documentary will differ from other documentaries on the paranormal. This is because through advanced sixth sense, seekers of SSRF are able to give us information about how and why these phenomena take place and what actually happens back stage in the spiritual dimension.

2. Case study of unexplained blood stains appearing

2.1 Dramatisation of case study and interview of the subject

Commentator: Dr. Pramod Ghole is a senior executive in a large government bank in Chandigarh in India. He has been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of Spiritual Science Research Foundation for many years now.

Dr. Pramod Ghole: To pay gratitude to the Guru Principle, seekers of spiritual growth celebrate Gurupourṇimā. Last year seekers of our centre also decided to celebrate Gurupournima. I was the main organiser. Gurupournima was on the 18th of July and a week before on the 11th of July the preparations were going on in full swing. I had other tasks pending.

Commentator: Pramod gets up a bit preoccupied. He has a long day ahead of him. He has to pay his daughter’s fees and attend some very important meetings in the office. In the evening he has to attend a meeting for the organisation of the Gurupournima celebrations. After putting out his towel to dry, Pramod goes in to pick up his shirt and then begins to get ready for the day. Pramod’s wife Sangeeta is helping get her husband and daughter ready for the day.

Dramatised conversation between Dr. Ghole and his wife in the bathroom

Commentator: When Sangeeta goes to the bathroom something on the floor catches her eye. As she takes a closer look she realises that it is blood. Sangeeta is concerned and wonders if her husband has cut himself. She comes out of the bathroom to ask Pramod, when something else catches her eye in the balcony. The towel that Pramod was using also has blood on its sides.

Mrs Sangeeta Ghole: I saw that there were two blood stains on the floor. I was astonished and wondered where they had come from? When I came out of the bathroom I again saw bloodstains on the towel that he had used. This scared me.

Commentator: Meanwhile Pramod is having breakfast with his daughter and is unaware of  the blood stains that his wife has just seen in the bathroom and in the balcony.

Dramatised conversation between Dr. Ghole and his family about finding blood stains on the floor.

Commentator: Pramod is running late and doesn’t pay too much attention to his wife’s concerns. While Sangeeta feigns a smile when waving out to Pramod and her daughter Prajakta, she is deeply concerned and can’t get the blood stains out of her mind. Prajakta accompanies her father to the college to pay her fees. Pramod has a lot of things on his mind as it is a busy day at work and there are many things to be done for the Gurupournima celebrations that he is organising. On the way his thoughts go to what his wife said about having cut himself. He looks out for any cuts from his shaving in the car’s rear view mirror but finds none. When at the college campus Pramod takes no more than 15-20 minutes to pay his daughters fees. Pramod is grateful that there is no queue at the college office and he is able to pay his daughter’s fees without having to wait. On the way to the office Pramod drops off his daughter at home. The house is only a kilometer from the office.

A few minutes later Pramod arrives at the office. It will take Pramod approximately 5 minutes to get to his office and little does he know that one of the more bizarre events in his life is about to happen. After switching on his computer Pramod already feels tired. He reclines back in his office armchair while he takes a moment to catch his breath and to reflect upon the day ahead.

Dramatisation of Dr. Ghole looking at the blood stains on his pants.

Commentator: Pramod is surprised and fearful by what he sees on his pants. His first thought is that a case of piles that he had over 10 years ago has recurred. He is stressed and goes into damage control. He immediately calls his secretary.

Dramatisation of Dr. Ghole cancelling all his appointments and asking for a change of pants.

Dr. Pramod Ghole: Unknowingly my attention went to my pants. I was astonished to see that the front side of my pants were totally wet. Although I was feeling no pain, when I saw the blood I was shocked. I called up home and asked them to send me a change of pants.

Commentator: There were a number of thoughts going through Pramod’s mind while he waits for his clothes. When he initially saw the blood it was already semi dry. When did this happen? Did it happen in the car or while walking to the office?

Commentator: If it was piles – how come he did not feel anything? When he had piles 10 years ago there would be a lot of pain and the bleeding would only happen while defecating. It just did not make sense to Pramod. How can one pass so much of blood and not feel anything? As he was changing Pramod gets even more perplexed.

Dr. Pramod Ghole: When I was changing the pants I noticed that the front part of it was more stained. The second surprising thing was that the underwear was not at all wet. If the blood did come from my body then the underwear should have been wet. That also really surprised me.

Commentator: That evening Pramod calls the main research centre of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. He speaks to Mrs. Anjali Gadgil from the subtle-department and tells her of the bizarre incident in the morning. The subtle-department is responsible for all investigations using advanced sixth sense. After taking a sixth sense reading of the event Anjali confirms Pramod’s suspicions that it was because of higher level negative energies.

Dr. Pramod Ghole: Also from the college I went directly to the office. So there was no chance of blood coming from some external source.

Commentator: We called his daughter Prajakta who was in the car with him right before he entered his office.

Ms. Prajakta Ghole: See I was there with Papa till the very end of our car trip that morning and I did not see anything of the kind. When he came back from the office and showed us the pant, the stain was pretty large. Thinking back I would have definitely noticed it if it had happened during my trip with him.

Commentator: Later when Pramod checked his car seats for any stains he found none. When Pramod first saw the stain it was semi-dried so it must have happened sometime in the 5 minutes between getting out of the car and getting into his office.

2.2 Forensic analysis of the case study of unexplained blood stains

Commentator: So could this have had a medical cause? Could the blood have come from Pramod? Well the first step we took was to ask a forensic specialist to decipher what was the blood type of the stain on the pant. Pramod’s blood type is AB positive.

Forensic Expert: Well, the first step in the forensic testing was to discover the origin of the stain. Now whether it is just some chemical or is it actually blood, and if it is blood,  is it human? After running a test known as the Crossover Electrophoresis the blood origin did come up to be human. In the next stage we try to ascertain the blood group. In the case of the pants we found that the blood group was AB positive.

2.3 Medical analysis of the case study of unexplained blood stains

Commentator: So the blood type did match. But was the blood from Pramod? Could this have been a case of piles recurring? We asked Pramod to go for a medical check up to check the status of the piles. We also got our own panel of doctors to check Pramod.

The results showed that the external piles and the small fissures were still present but for the last 10 years he is asymptomatic without any problems. The blood reports too were normal. But this time around everything was different.

  • Now 10 years ago when Pramod suffered from piles he would bleed through his anus but it would only happen when passing stools. There was no history of blood staining clothes.

  • Secondly it would be accompanied by excruciating pain.

  • And lastly it would only stop with medication.

That day Pramod said he did not have any constipation, nor did he pass hard stools. Is it possible that in this case of piles the symptoms would be completely different?

Dr. (Mrs.) Sandhya Gupchup (From the SRRF panel of doctors) : Well, yes, in many cases of piles the symptoms maybe different. Clinically there may be small fissures and piles but they are rarely a cause for this type of bleeding

Commentator: But there are still three points that we need to consider.

  • Pramod’s underwear is not stained.

  • The second, the stain is more towards the front side of the pants as opposed to the back side.

  • And third Pramod does not feel any sensation inspite of the amount of blood discharged. Now is it possible for someone who is fully conscious to bleed like this and have no clue about it?”

Dr (Mrs.) Sandhya Gupchup: In my medical career personally I have not come across a patient who has bled this quantity of blood without even realising it. So let us look at the medical reasons why these stains could have occurred. First it could be some bleeding disorder. Personally I have been through all his blood reports and they are all within normal limits so this reason is ruled out. It could be due to some local infection and that has also been ruled out. So the only possibility I can think of is a surgical injury. I asked Dr. Ghole whether he had any surgical injury and he gives me a history that he had no such injury from the time that he got out of his car and reached his office. Anyway this whole discussion is pointless since Dr. Ghole himself said that he had no stains on his underwear. So I have to conclude by saying that the source of this has to be external. To the best of my knowledge, I cannot explain this medically.

There is another aspect that needs to be considered. If the blood had come from Pramod as a result of piles and him wiping himself, it would not have been limited to just the side of the towel.

2.4 Analysis through sixth sense of the case study of unexplained blood stains

Commentator: Now if this is something that cannot be explained by modern science can it be explained by spiritual science using ones sixth sense? For this we took the help of the SSRF subtle-department who deal with investigating such kinds of events with their advanced sixth sense. They do so as part of their spiritual practice so as to educate society on how the spiritual dimension can affect our lives.

In the first part of the investigation Yoya a seeker with an advanced sixth sense of vision was asked to give her reading. Yoya, a former model from Paris, is both hearing and speech impaired but is gifted with the ability to see an event visually in the subtle.

If we were to take a theatre drama as an analogy, an average person would be able to see everything that was onstage. Yoya on the other hand through her sixth sense of vision and through spiritual practice is able to perceive what happens backstage too.

Seekers like Yoya provide us with a glimpse into the supernatural spiritual dimension, a dimension which most of us can’t see. This is the dimension where people go after they die.

2.4.1 An explanation of how drawings based on subtle-knowledge are checked at SSRF

Yoya starts with a prayer to God to help her see accurately what transpired in Pramod’s bizarre incident. She prays to God that no other negative energies manipulate what she sees. Yoya now begins to concentrate on the pants.  Yoya transcends time and goes back to the event which happened almost a year ago in a city thousands of miles away. She begins to get flashes and insights into what really happened and she begins to draw what she sees. After a discussion with Janhavi, a seeker from SSRF’s art department both Yoya and Janhavi go to meet H.H. Dr. Athavale.

Every drawing based on subtle-knowledge by Yoya is checked by H.H. Dr. Athavale, the source of inspiration for SSRF and the person who guides all research at SSRF. H.H. Dr. Athavale studies the drawing and then using His highly advanced sixth sense, taps into the Universal Mind and Intellect to verify the drawing. The Universal Mind and Intellect is a synonym for God’s Mind and Intellect.

All drawings based on subtle-knowledge graded by H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale are on a scale of 1 to 10 and scores below 4 just don’t cut it and are never published as there is not enough truth in the drawing. However for this drawing a score of 8 has been given.

2.4.2 Dramatisation of what was seen through sixth sense about what caused the unexplained blood stains

The attacking entity was a male subtle-sorcerer (māntrik) which is a higher level negative energy from the 4th region of Hell (Pātāl). He had a thin frame and could switch between male and female forms. He moved like the wind spreading black energy wherever he went. The main reason he had targeted Pramod was to scare and deter him from his spiritual practice. The subtle-sorcerer has the supernatural capability of transferring blood from one place to another. In a subtle-form, he slipped through Pramod dropping the blood into his pants.

3. Some basic concepts

Before we proceed any further, I would like to spend a bit of time on taking you through a few concepts which will help in understanding how this phenomenon happens.

3.1 What are negative energies?

At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, we use the term negative energies as a collective noun to represent all types of entities in the spiritual dimension that intend to harm humanity. You may know this term more popularly as ghosts.

However ghosts are of much lower strength. At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation we have been attacked by the highest category of negative energies known as subtle-sorcerers. Now if the spiritual strength of a common ghost is between 1 to 10 units then asubtle-sorcerer’s strength ranges from a billion close to infinity. The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy, which is basically a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth region (Bhūlok). The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy (such as diseases, social issues, pandemics and natural disasters).

3.2 The Absolute Cosmic Elements

All  creation is made up of subtle building blocks that we cannot see. These building blocks are known as the Absolute Cosmic Principles. The Absolute Cosmic Principles in their grossest form manifest on Earth. They are the Absolute Earth Principle (Pruthvītattva), which manifests as the ground we walk on, the Absolute Water Principle (Āpatattva), which manifests as the seas and lakes, the Absolute Fire Element (Tējtattva), which manifests as the fire that we see on Earth, the volcanoes, and the flame on your gas range, the Absolute Air Principle (Vāyutattva) which manifests as the air that we breathe that is vital to sustaining life, and finally the Absolute Ether Principle (Ākāshtattva), which refers to the vacuum that we have in space.

Higher level negative energies do years of certain types of spiritual practice to gain full or partial control over one of these elements. Once they gain the required control they are able to manifest and manipulate various events on the Earth region.

3.3 Who is a seeker?

A seeker is a person who makes honest and sincere efforts on a daily basis to grow spiritually. A seeker’s spiritual practice would intuitively conform to the 6 basic laws of spiritual practice that have been explained in detail on our website. This person would have an intense desire for spiritual growth. Having an intense desire for spiritual growth, a seeker on a regular basis strives to improve upon his spiritual practice both quantitatively and qualitatively.

3.4 Subtle battle

The last concept is about a subtle-battle that is currently being fought.

From the year 1999 to the year 2023, the world will see a tremendous change. Unknown to most the world is in the midst of a gigantic battle between the subtle-forces of good and evil. Over the next few years some part of this battle will spill over onto Earth in the form of the third world war. Organisations such as SSRF are also attacked as they help to demystify the spiritual dimension and help society to make spiritual progress as per the six basic principles of spiritual practice.

4. Spiritual science behind the phenomenon of blood stains appearing due to negative energies

Let’s now take a closer look at the spiritual science behind the phenomenon of blood stains appearing due to negative energies.

Sonal Joshi is a healer and a key member of the SSRF’s subtle-department. Part of her duties at the SSRF research centre are to help and heal other seekers so that negative energies don’t become an obstacle in their spiritual practice. We caught up with her to understand a little more about this phenomenon.

Sonal: The primary objective of a subtle-sorcerer doing such a thing is just to scare a seeker and take him away from his spiritual practice. The thing is that blood stains appearing spontaneously is a pretty rare phenomenon. This is because only a subtle-sorcerer from at least the 4th region of Hell has the power to create something like this. You have to understand that subtle-sorcerers are on top of the hierarchy as far as negative energies are concerned. The only thing that comes into their radar are spiritual organisations and the seekers associated with them, where a lot of work is happening towards spreading of Dharma or righteousness. Subtle-sorcerers never waste their time and energy on an average person.

Interviewer: So Sonal, apart from scaring a seeker is there any other effect?

Sonal: See, when they create a blood stain they also infest it with black energy which creates a subtle intangible cloud in the surrounding area. The effect of this cloud has been known to induce various obstacles for a seeker such as extreme drowsiness, lethargy, heaviness in the head, doubts about his own spiritual practice. So finally what happens, is that the seeker’s spiritual practice slows down.

Interviewer: We did some research on the net and we did find that there are other people who have been affected by this phenomenon, but they’ve not been doing spiritual practice.

Sonal: See if an average person has been attacked through the medium of blood stains appearing spontaneously it is mostly due to black magic being done on him.

Interviewer: So Sonal our viewers must be wondering, how does a subtle-sorcerer create blood out of just thin air?

Sonal: In most cases they do not create blood. What they actually do is de-materialise and re-materialise blood. So what they do is look out for places such as accident sites or hospitals or a dead animal where there is blood and then they transport it by just de-materialising and re-materialising it from one place to another.

Interviewer: Sonal, what exactly happened in Dr. Ghole’s case?

Sonal: In Dr. Ghole’s case, even though the blood group of the stain matched his blood group, through sixth sense we found out that the blood did not come from him but from some other place. Sometimes a subtle-sorcerer does choose to create a bloodstain and this happens by using the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle. However with this method and by creating something from scratch a lot of his spiritual energy is used up. So that is why they mainly prefer the transportation method.

Interviewer: Sonal there are probably people out there and people who are watching this who have had weird phenonmena in their lives probably because of black magic or negative energies. What would your advice be to them?

Sonal: Spiritual practice. The only sure protection against such negative elements in the spiritual dimension is spiritual practice. I encourage everyone to go to the SSRF website where we have a separate section known as start your spiritual journey. There a clear structure on how to go about one’s spiritual practice is given and also on how to protect oneself from the dark side of the spiritual dimension.

5. The SSRF Museum

Commentator: Pramod’s case is just one of hundreds of cases that have been documented at the SSRF research centre. Now I’d like to show you something. You are currently here with me at the SSRF warehouse and as you can see there are all these boxes behind me each and every one contains items that have been attacked by negative energies. They are only a small percentage of them, but they do contain all the items that have been attacked at a more spectacular level. As you can see attacks on Holy books, blood stained clothes, burnt clothes, damaged utensils, clothes with holes which automatically appeared. I’d like to show you something. This is a box that contains burnt items and as you can see out here, ok. This is a picture of Lord Shiva. You can see the picture, but look what’s happened to it. The entire picture’s kind of frothed up and if I show it to you at a side angle, you will see that. As you can see that each and every one of these items are spectacular in their own way. Pramod Ghole’s case was just one of them. Now I must tell you that as we are standing out here both the crew and I are facing a tremendous amount of subtle-pressure and that’s primarily because of the immense amount of negative vibrations that keep emanating out of all these boxes which basically gives headaches and nausea, so while I keep this away I want to show you another very extraordinary case that happened to Mrs. Anjali Gadgil.

6. Case study – Piece of flesh appearing out of nowhere

Another bizarre case was that of Anjali Gadgil, a seeker from the subtle-department, who receives knowledge about various aspects of the spiritual dimension.

Mrs. Anjali Gadgil: This incident happened in March 2004 at the SSRF ashram while I was doing research on music with regards to its spiritual benefits and its use in fighting negative energies. I was reading some notes describing how musical notes can generate a certain type of energy which can be used as weapons against negative energies. As I was going through the notes, I noticed that there was a spot of blood on the paper. I also saw that there was a piece of whitish flesh on the blood stain which was about 1 to 1 ½ centimetres long. There was some blood on the piece of flesh too. It was totally unexpected and I was surprised because in the ashram there is no meat being cooked or served.

7. Case study – Piece of flesh appearing out of nowhere


The making of this documentary has not been easy. Every member of the team has been attacked in some way or the other by negative energies. For example the person who we requested to do forensic analysis experienced a lot of obstacles in doing this work for us.

Forensic Specialist: As soon as I opened the parcel of stained clothes I experienced a tremendous pressure in the house. I felt pressure on my chest, I started feeling nauseated, a vomity feeling, my head started to feel heavy and I started experiencing a throbbing headache.

While going to the lab on the same day to test the stains, I met with an accident on the highway, this happened on two consecutive days. I had the feeling of being hunted as if the accidents were deliberate, like someone wanted me dead.

This was just the beginning of the obstacles that I faced during the testing of the clothes.

Now just when I began to test the samples from SSRF I was inundated with an unusually large amounts of forensic testing. It was so strange. Whenever I tried testing the items sent by SSRF, the quantity, density and the concentration of the chemicals just changed automatically, which had never happened before. Many times the equipment used for the testing  would just stop functioning for no reason. There were several quarrels in the office that week and I was just dragged into them for no reason at all.

When I mentioned to  SSRF that I was having many obstacles they gave me a special protective Name of God to chant. Only then did the distress begin to reduce.

8. Final thoughts

The purpose of this documentary has been to educate society that such types of supernatural phenomena can occur. Every day whether we know it or not, all of us are impacted by the negative side of the spiritual dimension. The only sure method of protection against this realm is by doing spiritual practice.

The supernatural events that happen to SSRF are extraordinary and we don’t know of another organisation that has been attacked so viciously and continuously to such an extent. The only way the seekeres of SSRF have been protected is through their spiritual practice and the grace of God.

In the years to come before 2018, the human race will be challenged on all fronts by war and unprecedented natural disasters that will threaten its very existence.

In these challenging times we cannot underestimate the need for spiritual practice to give us both the strength and direction for the way forward in this millennium. We urge everyone to start or persevere on their spiritual journey, a journey that needs to conform to the six basic principles of spiritual practice for spiritual growth to occur.

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