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Case study – Scratches created by negative energies through the medium of subtle yantras

Note: To understand the background behind this case study and why these phenomena have been taking place, especially with regard to SSRF, please read “An introduction to Horrifying Supernatural Phenomena“.

1. Introduction

A Holy text is a book on the subject of Spirituality written or compiled by a Saint or spiritually evolved individual.

Here we present a case study that stands out due to the peculiar process of destruction used to disfigure the photograph. The disfiguration happened on a photograph of His Holiness Dr. Athavale, which is commonly found on the inner cover of Holy texts compiled by Him. In January 2006, scratches and stains suddenly appeared on the photograph found in one particular copy of a Holy text.

Through an advanced sixth sense reading, we found that the reason behind the scratches and stains on the photograph was an attack by a demon.

Note: We have drawn a protective border around the photograph so that readers do not feel distress while looking at it. This border increases Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in the atmosphere, reduces the covering of black energy on the picture and the observer, and helps the observer obtain spiritual experiences.

2. Subtle analysis and mechanism of the attack

When Mrs. Yoya Vallee, a seeker with advanced sixth sense of vision, was asked to take a subtle-reading of the attacking entity, this is what she perceived:

In addition to the above drawing based on subtle-knowledge, she perceived that for this particular attack, the demon was guided by a subtle-sorcerer (māntrik) from the 4th region of Hell (l).

Read more details about the features of the attacking entity perceived by Mrs. Yoya Vallee :

Subtle reading of entity that attacked photograph of H. H. Dr. Athavale (on the inner cover of a Holy text)

Date on which the picture was drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee : 19th January 2010

Truth or accuracy of the picture : 80 %

Distressing vibrations from the picture : 40 %

Number of negative energies: 1

The sorcerer who is guiding him is from the 4th region of Hell (Pātāl).

Description of the demon

  • He has a soft pale skin-coloured twisted face with a dark brown shade.
  • He has wide eyes and looks sharply.
  • He has broken (not sharp) teeth.
  • He has a dark greenish brown long tongue which has particles of black energy on it and secretes foul or odious smell.
  • He has a twisted pale body which seems lifeless and has pimples over it.
  • He has dark green pimples all over his body and also on his face. They emit negative energy. They have illusory (Māyāvî) poison which can cause distress to all.
  • He never sleeps, is continuously awake.

1. Waves of smoke black energy are slowly emitted from him all the time. The emission is more when he moves fast.

2. There is a continuous black covering around him which can cause distress. When there is a battle or he is angry this black covering rises.

Process of destruction

He licked the photo forcefully and spread black energy into it.

3. He emits illusory waves from his tongue to destroy the picture.”]

A yantra is a subtle device or instrument. When negative energies create yantras, they place the yantras in the object or environment that they are attacking. As a result, black negative energy is emitted from these yantras.

The attacking demon destroyed the picture by emitting waves of illusory (māyāvi) negative energy. The scratches that appeared were actually the result of subtle-diagrams (yantras) released by the subtle-sorcerer who was behind the attack. These subtle-diagrams were released from the flow of black energy that was emitted onto the photograph. The stains in the picture on the other hand, were caused by the flow of black energy released from the subtle-diagrams.

3. The effect of the attack

According to Divine Knowledge received by Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, a seeker of SSRF’s subtle-department, the entire attack had a three-fold effect:

On whom Extent Type of effect
On H.H. Dr. Athavale 3% Black circles were formed below eyes and lips became dry
On the atmosphere 15% Formation of high and low pressure belts in the atmosphere
On the observer 15% Hot and cold touch on the skin, scratches, a pull in the muscles and increase in restlessness.

[Note: Please click here for a detailed explanation of the full potential effect of negative energy attacks.]

In addition, the attacking subtle-sorcerer was also adversely affected during the attack by the strength of the rays of Divine consciousness released from the photograph. His body was pulled towards the photograph, which burnt many of his illusory forms.

When he destroyed the picture in 2006, the demon had 30% energy, which reduced to 10% in 2010.


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