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Sample of divine knowledge

The following information is divine knowledge received by a seeker of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, Mrs. Janhavi Ramesh Shinde. One of the salient features of the divine knowledge received by Mrs. Janhavi is that unlike many seekers receiving divine knowledge who received simple knowledge in the beginning, the quality of knowledge received by her is high right from the start.

Divine knowledge on spiritual colours (spiritual colours means divine colours)

1. Ability to perceive spiritual colours: Just like all physical objects (such as furniture) or people have a particular physical colour, every subtle object in the universe also has a particular subtle colour. For example – divine energy, divine Consciousness (Chaitanya), Bliss (Ānand), Serenity, the three basic components Sattva, Raja and Tama, every God principle, etc. These spiritual colours are invisible to the naked eye, but can be perceived by subtle perception. When the spiritual level of a seeker increases with spiritual practice, gradually he begins to perceive the subtle colours from the atmosphere as part of his spiritual experiences. Initially the subtle colours are visible only briefly, however later according to the requirement one is able to perceive them for a longer time and with more density.

2. Similarities: The similarities between the spiritual colours and other colours with the original colour (e.g. colour of a leaf)

Chemical 5
Computerised 10
Natural 15
Spiritual 100

3. Characteristics of spiritual colours

  1. Unique: These colours being divine cannot be reproduced chemically or through the medium of the computer.
  2. Spiritual colours are transparent and radiant: Spiritual colours are transparent and self illuminating. These colours are formed by minute gleaming particles and every particle is full of Divine consciousness.
  3. If a spoonful of spiritual colour contains 100 unit vibrations then every particle also contains 100 unit vibrations.
  4. Spiritual colours are related to the Absolute Fire element.
  5. Spiritual colours do not require a form: The colours from the gross require a form. To gain the spiritual experience of the principle in a picture the importance of a form is 95%, whereas that of colour is 5%. This however does not hold true for spiritual colours as they themselves bring out the principle. For example, the principle of Lord Rama (Lord Rama is that aspect of God with 20% Creation, 50% Sustenance and 30% Dissolution ability) comes in the spiritual blue colour. It is not necessary to have the form of Lord Rama. As against this, only if the form of Lord Rama in a picture is appropriate, then the principle of Lord Rama comes into it. If the form and colour co-exist then definitely the principle of Lord Rama gets attracted to a greater extent.
  6. Objects with a spiritual colour do not cast a shadow: In the gross colours a single colour has various shades from faint to dark. For example, in the deeper furrows of the face the shade is darker whereas in the shallow ones it is fainter. In spiritual colours, there are no shades as they are related to the subtle. When light falls on gross objects it produces shadows and hence various shades. However, as subtle objects are self illuminating, they do not have shades or shadows. Since deities too are radiant, effulgent and self-illuminating, They do not have any shade or shadow.
  7. Spiritual colours do not mix with each other: With regard to gross colours, when two colours mix, a third colour is produced whereas even if two spiritual colours come together each retains its individuality. In this regard, a seeker of the SSRF, Mr. Kailash had the following spiritual experience.
    During a weekly satsang (company of the Absolute Truth), yellow colour was perceived being emitted from His Holiness Dr. Athavale’s picture and blue colour from His heart, dissipating through the whole room. These colours however were distinctly separate and green colour was not visible (mixing of yellow and blue normally yields green colour). My mind was full of Bliss. – Seeker artist Mr. Kailash, India.
  8. Creation of spiritual colours: The spiritual colours are created from the subtle white colour. The subtle white colour is generated from the Absolute Fire element.
    – Mrs. Janhavi Shinde, 15th September 2005 at 3.30 pm

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