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Planning one’s wedding after the death of a close relative such as one’s parents

For those who are in a quandary about wedding plans due to the sudden death of a close relative such as one’s father or mother, the following spiritual perspectives can be kept in mind:

  • It is recommended that a wedding ceremony should not be planned for at least a year after the death of a close relative. This is because the period after the death of a close relative is considered spiritually inauspicious. The reasons are:
  • There is an increase in the subtle Tama component at the time of death and the period after death.
  • Due to the unfulfilled desires of the person who has recently passed away, the strong vibrations related to their attachments are present in the house where they were living.
  • The ancestral home is affected with the subtle existence of the deceased. Even if the groom-to-be is living in a different country because of the karmic connection with the deceased he and his home will be affected.
  • Spiritual research shows that people with whom we have a strong emotional bond such as a close friend are not included in the spiritual definition of close relatives.
  • In such cases, if the marriage happens within a year, the newlywed couple can have distress from the departed ancestor lingering around the family. Additionally, if the departed ancestor’s subtle body is suffering from any spiritual distress such as demonic possession, then all attendees present for the marriage ceremony may also face spiritual distress.
  • Thus, it is advised not to plan weddings or any other auspicious ceremonies for at least a year after the death of close family members.
  • The best way to minimise the harmful effects of the death of a close relative is by doing regular spiritual practice.

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