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Rites and Rituals – General

As per spiritual science, the true purpose of life is to progress towards God realisation. This spiritual research conducted explains the different rituals that one can do at every stage of life from birth to death for gaining spiritually positive energy which in turn is conducive to spiritual growth.

Rites and Rituals – General

Rites and Rituals - General

The following is a list of the articles/research conducted on : Rites and Rituals – General

  • Naming ceremony (namakaran) after the birth of a child (Yet to be published)
  • Ceremony of jawal or mundan (First hair cut that is shaving the head of a child) (Yet to be published)
  • Thread ceremony (upanayan) (Yet to be published)
  • Marriage ceremony (Yet to be published)
  • Sahastrachandrashan (a ritual done on a person’s 80th birthday as per the Hindu lunar calendar or his tithi) (Yet to be published)
  • Mahalay Shraddha (rites for deceased ancestors) (Yet to be published)
  • Bhumipujan (a ceremony before laying the foundation of one’s house) (Yet to be published)
  • The sixteen religious rituals that an individual undergoes from birth till marriage, that is, the 16 major life events with a view to progressing towards God (Solah Sanskar) – using advanced sixth sense (Yet to be published)