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Rites and Rituals – General

Rites and Rituals - General

The following is a list of the articles/research conducted on : Rites and Rituals – General

  • Naming ceremony (namakaran) after the birth of a child (Yet to be published)
  • Ceremony of jawal or mundan (First hair cut that is shaving the head of a child) (Yet to be published)
  • Thread ceremony (upanayan) (Yet to be published)
  • Marriage ceremony (Yet to be published)
  • Sahastrachandrashan (a ritual done on a person’s 80th birthday as per the Hindu lunar calendar or his tithi) (Yet to be published)
  • Mahalay Shraddha (rites for deceased ancestors) (Yet to be published)
  • Bhumipujan (a ceremony before laying the foundation of one’s house) (Yet to be published)
  • The sixteen religious rituals that an individual undergoes from birth till marriage, that is, the 16 major life events with a view to progressing towards God (Solah Sanskar) – using advanced sixth sense (Yet to be published)