Overcoming fear and timidness through spiritual healing remedies and spiritual practice – A case study

SSRF publishes these case studies with the intention of providing some direction to our readers with regard to problems that manifest at a physical or psychological level, but which can have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. When the root cause of a problem is spiritual in nature we have observed that the inclusion of spiritual healing remedies generally gives the best results. SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.


This is a case study of Swati who suffered mental distress since early childhood. The root cause of all her difficulties was a continuous attack by a subtle-sorcerer (mantrik) from the subtle-world ever since she was a child. This came to light only when she was 16 years old. Since then she has been applying various spiritual remedies along with a background of continuous spiritual practice to overcome the influence of the subtle-sorcerer. Now at the age of 20, she has successfully overcome all her personality defects and mental distress and looks after the responsibilities of the spread of Spirituality in three districts in India.

overcoming-fear-and-timidness1. Introduction

What does one do when one has severe personality defects and then is told that they are primarily due to a subtle-sorcerer (mantrik), i.e. a powerful ghost? How does one fight an unseen ghost and gain the upper hand? Swati Bhosale’s life is a testimony to how a person can overcome many odds both in the psychological and spiritual dimensions to blossom into a young leader. This case study is about her life.

2. Swati’s early years and the difficulties that she faced

Main issues: From as early as Swati can remember, she was extremely timid and very scared to be alone. Swati recounts how these two personality defects played out in various ways and prevented her from living a normal life. To make matters worse, she was plagued with frequent nightmares throughout her childhood.



“I was always in need of company and in need of someone to accompany me wherever I went. Many times when my parents were not home, I would close the door and put on the night lamp and lie down in bed for hours together. Such was my fear! I never ventured out to speak with our neighbours or my friends. I stayed aloof from outdoor life all through my childhood.

I was also afraid of crowds. Whenever I would go into a crowd, I would be very tense. I could not explain the reason for this fear but I would try to avoid them as much as I could.

Ever since my early childhood, I have been getting the same dream repeatedly. While I slept, I would vividly experience that I was sitting with all my classmates in a classroom. Suddenly some person would enter our class with a stick in his hand and without any reason, start beating us mercilessly. We could not escape because we would be tied up in ropes. As he beat us, we would shriek in pain and cry.  Then I would wake up from my sleep, screaming.

Another dream that I had was feeling that someone was sitting on my body and trying to press me down so hard that I would not be able to move any part of my body – not even an iota. It was a very trapped, powerless feeling.  I have been getting this dream from the time I was in the sixth grade, about 5-6 times per year right up until 2004. In the year 2004, the frequency of this dream increased to 5-6 times a day!

For no apparent reason, I was petrified of speaking with any member of the opposite sex. I would find innumerable ways to avoid talking to any male person. I would only speak the barest minimum with my male teachers. I never talked even to my male cousins or my uncles. Up to the completion of my schooling, the only male people I ever spoke to were my father and brother. I was quite good in my studies when it came to written tests. I was however hopeless in any oral tests in school where I had to answer  questions asked by a male teacher.”

Low physical health: Upto the age of 5 Swati would get repeated bouts of fever. During her school years, she was afraid of any physical training. She shied away from all sports. On one occasion she was literally forced by one of her instructors to take part in a race. She collapsed midway and became unconscious. Needless to say that was the last time anyone tried to get Swati to run a race again. Swati almost became like a recluse staying away from all extra-curricular activity.

Facing the fact that she had a problem:  When Swati was in eight grade she finally began to face up to the fact that she had serious personality problems. She had just tried desperately not to go for extra tuition classes that her parents had enrolled her for.  She knew there was absolutely no apparent reason for not wanting to go.


3. The turning point

When Swati was in the eighth grade, a neighbour of theirs invited her mother for a free discourse by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF). Her mother bought two cassettes of the teachings of H.H. Dr. Athavale. When she played the tapes at home is a moment that Swati will always remember.

“I listened intently to the tapes and was taken aback by the sheer divinity I could perceive in His voice. He spoke about simple concepts in Spirituality and stressed the importance of spiritual practice. I felt rejuvenated after hearing the tape and knew in my heart that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

She listened to both the tapes again and again and it gave her a sense of purpose for the first time in her life. She began the spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God according to the religion of her birth. She started with a modest five minutes a day but gradually began to increase it.

4. The long road to recovery

4.1 Attending lectures and being in the Company of the Truth (satsang)

Swati began to attend the free lectures given by SSRF.

“I remember the first time I went for a lecture. It was exam time and I was quite tense. During the lecture, however, I experienced a sense of calm and of being at peace with myself. When I returned home there was no sign of any of the anxiety over the exam.

The next day, I went for my examination and in spite of not having prepared very much for it, I could write better and I scored well in that paper. So I was delighted and started going regularly for the weekly spiritual meetings. By this time I realized that my chanting had improved to the extent that it would continue even when I was talking to others.”

The fact that she could reach such a level of chanting in such a short time is indicative of her having done spiritual practice in a previous life time. The thing about spiritual maturity is that we take off from where we were in our previous lifetime. This is unlike other worldly skills that we need to learn from scratch in our current lifetime.

“In the tenth grade, there was even more progress in my studies. For this I give credit to the weekly spiritual meetings, which were providing me with spiritual energy and also making me calmer. They also gave me various spiritual perspectives that gave me a clearer view of where my life was headed. I could study and appear for examinations without fear or tension.

But then a strange thing began to happen. When she devoted more time to study and less to spiritual practice, she fared comparatively worse in her exams. When she devoted more time to spiritual practice, she generally fared better in her exams.

4.2 Learning the root cause of her difficulties

In 2002, while Swati was in the eleventh grade, she attended a spiritual retreat for seekers of God hosted by SSRF. In the middle of the chanting by the congregation of seekers, she all of a sudden manifested as if possessed. Swati recounts that it was only later that she understood that this was because the ghost in her could not tolerate the purity of the spiritual environment she was in. This is because the possessing ghost is Tama predominant and cannot tolerate the highly sattvik environment of the premises. This is similar to ice melting in the presence of fire. We have explained this in more detail in our section on ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.). Refer to an explanation behind manifestation of possession

“The seekers with advanced sixth sense (ESP) in SSRF told me that I was possessed by a subtle-sorcerer. This subtle-sorcerer was the one responsible for all the difficulties and unexplained behaviour in my early years. H.H. Dr. Athavale also confirmed this. I was quite surprised when the senior seekers explained to me that the manifestation of the ghost was in fact an indication of a decline in his spiritual energy. As a result, he was forced to abandon his act of possessing me and surface. But after this incident, manifestation of the subtle-sorcerer in me became frequent. However for the first time in my life I knew what I was fighting against to get rid of my personality defects.”

A ghost may manifest and leave a person because of spiritual treatment that is given. However this may be temporary as when spiritual treatment is stopped the ghost may re-enter the person. The only sure way to keep ghosts at bay is to do spiritual practice and increase our own spiritual level and energy. This in turn gives us the ability to access higher levels of protection from God. Refer to the article – How much does spiritual level provide a protective sheath against ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.)?

4.3 Swati’s spiritual fight with the subtle-sorcerer

During the retreat, seekers of SSRF who had advanced sixth sense capability would treat Swati spiritually.  Along with this, Swati would try and chant the Name of God as much as possible. For a few months after the retreat the manifestation totally stopped. Then without warning, right in the middle of one of her exams in the twelfth grade, Swati manifested violently. It was so bad that she had to be tied down for her own safety. The manifestation was brought under control after seekers of the spiritual healing department of SSRF did specific spiritual remedies on her.

“I was then advised to do 100 malas (100 x 108 beads) of chanting every day to protect myself. As it was examination time, I would devote two hours every day for study and paper writing. The rest of the time I would be continuously chanting.”

During her vacations she was sent to SSRF’s Dhamse hermitage (Ashram) as it was the centre for advanced spiritual healing remedies. Here she realised that the subtle-sorcerer played upon her basic defect of fear to obtain a stronghold on her. It was also extreme fear that would cause its manifestation.

Besides daily spiritual practice, she was advised a range of spiritual healing remedies and techniques such as chanting of specific Names of God, using jasmine stick and frankincense, blowing Holy ash and sprinkling Holy water, salt water remedy, spiritual healing remedies conducted by some evolved seekers etc.

[Please refer to the mechanism of action of each remedy in our spiritual healing section.]

“After three months of these remedies in Dhamse, the manifestations decreased. A strange thing that happened in this period was that all my knowledge of English was wiped off my mind. I could not even recognize the alphabet and I would be distressed when I even looked at English print. Despite this, my depression decreased by 15-20% and my confidence increased, but there was not much change in my basic personality defects of being timid and afraid of being alone. Another outcome of this entire treatment was that my sixth sense (ESP) ability developed to some extent.”

4.4 The subtle-sorcerer raises Swati’s ego to create a weakness

Right after the 3 months of spiritual treatment sessions, Swati was given the opportunity to work in the subtle-perception section in SSRF. This department is for seekers with advanced sixth sense who have the capability to assist the spiritual healing process of other seekers. To facilitate her further progress, Swati was sent to a special workshop conducted by SSRF. It was a five day workshop in Dhamse wherein seekers were taught how to awaken and increase our spiritual emotion for God.

“This was the most unique experience of my life – to discover how to pray in a way that every mundane activity would come alive with a tangible experience of the divine presence of God.”

Around this time other seekers of the subtle-perception department diagnosed that the subtle-sorcerer had worked on magnifying Swati’s ego. By increasing her ego about her speedy spiritual progress in the subtle-perception department, the subtle-sorcerer created an entry point to continue attacking her.

“It was imperative that I made efforts to reduce my ego. Along with all the spiritual remedies and spiritual practice, I undertook continuous concentrated efforts for eradication of ego over an eight month period. This was three years ago when I was 18. This reduced all of my difficulties by 25%.

4.5 The subtle-sorcerer attacks Swati physically

With the three-pronged approach of spiritual remedies, efforts to increase spiritual emotion and reduce ego, Swati’s personality defects of timidness and fear began to reduce.

“During this period, I was residing at the SSRF ashram in Ponda, Goa, India. It was here in 2003 that H.H. Dr. Athavale remarked one day that I would experience Bliss and soon I found that this was indeed true.”

In August 2005, Swati received a setback on her road to recovery. The subtle-sorcerer began to make Swati lapse into a state of unconsciousness. The ghost would also subtly sexually molest her at night. This would happen even though she would sleep in the company of other co-seekers. The effects would be evident on the body in the form of swollen lips etc. After gaining consciousness, she would go into severe depression. This distress reduced after H.H. Dr. Athavale did spiritual healing remedies, only to resurface four months later. Then H.H. Dr. Athavale called her to the SSRF headquarters in Goa, India where He resides and did extensive spiritual healing remedies. This finally cured her.

5. Going from strength to strength

Over the past two years, Swati has seen almost a 180 degree turnaround in her personality. No longer is she timid or fearful of being alone. While the subtle-sorcerer has not been completely exorcised, the distress that she used to feel is well under control.

“I understand that I have to continue both my daily spiritual practice as well as the spiritual remedies stringently to prevent the subtle-sorcerer from gaining an upper hand over me. Over time these measures will also eradicate the problem of the subtle-sorcerer completely.”

Subtle-sorcerers are very powerful ghosts who can resist exorcism because of the immense amount of spiritual energy that they have. They do spiritual practice continuously to replenish their stores of spiritual energy. It is only after continuous hammering with spiritual treatment that the spiritual energy of the subtle-sorcerer goes on declining and he is finally exorcised. Regular spiritual practice conforming to the six basic principles of spiritual practice is the only sustainable way to insulate oneself from negative energy and ghosts.

“The earlier timid and fearful Swati has gone. I am far more open and confident now. I look after all the activities pertaining to the spread of Spirituality in three districts in India. I do this free-of-charge as my spiritual practice for God-realisation. My responsibilities bring me in contact with a large number of people of both sexes on a daily basis. I often have to address large crowds. I am called upon to guide the individual as well as the collective spiritual practice of people sometimes twice or even three times my age. Many times I have to take decisions on the spot that affect many others. By the grace of God, I find that I can handle all this very easily.”

Swati attributes her recovery to the resolve and direct intervention of H.H. Dr. Athavale. She says that because of His guidance in her spiritual practice along with spiritual healing remedies she is the person that she is today.

“It has been a long process across 4-5 years but it gave me complete relief from all the distressing symptoms. I still have to get rid of the subtle-sorcerer affecting me but I am confident that it will happen in time.”