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Ritual of Coconut Breaking – for Removing Black Magic

Method: The coconut method to overcome the evil eye and black magic

A coconut can attract both benevolent and malevolent frequencies. If the distressing energy problem is severe then it is preferable to use a coconut to cast off the evil eye.

What will you need to perform this ritual?

removing and breaking black magic with coconut


  • Step 1: Prayer

    • The prayer to be made by the person on whom the ritual is being performed after offering obeisance to Deity Māruti is: ‘O Maruti may my (say full name) distress be absorbed through the tip of this coconut and may it not cause harm to (say full name of the person doing the ritual). Please absorb all the black energy in me through the tip of this coconut and destroy it’.

    • The person performing the ritual should pray unto Deity Maruti to prevent being affected by the distressing energy and for the ritual to be effective.

  • Step 2: The ritual

    • The person who is affected by negative energy and on whom the ritual is to be performed should sit on a low wooden platform or seat facing East with flexed knees bent towards the chest (refer to the picture below). The palms should face upwards and should be placed on the knees.
    • The person performing the ritual should hold the coconut in his cupped palms and stand in front of the affected individual (refer to the picture below). The tail of the coconut should face the affected person who should look at it and chant continuously.
      1 position for breaking black magic

      The coconut should be moved three times in a circle (clock-wise) from the feet to the head of the affected person. Then the person performing the ritual should circumambulate the affected person three times in the clockwise direction.

      second step for breaking black magic

      All this time the tail of the coconut should face the person on whom the ritual is being performed. To ensure that the tail is always facing the affected person one can perform the circumambulation by side-stepping around the affected person. Throughout the circumambulation the prayers mentioned above can be continuously repeated as mentioned above.

    • Step 3: Breaking of the coconut

      After completing the ritual the coconut should be broken at the junction of three roads or in a temple of Deity Maruti or at any holy place while chanting  ‘Bajarangabali Hanumān ki jay’.

      If one does not have any of the above places nearby then one can break it in any holy place or one’s back yard.

      Possible observations while breaking the coconut

      • If the person is affected by distressing energy the coconut becomes heavy and breaks into pieces and the water from it springs upwards even up to 1–2 metres.
      • At times the coconut turns out to be rotten.
      • Sometimes when one has a severe problem the coconut does not break even when struck forcefully because the distressing energy inside it does not wish to be annihilated by Deity Maruti, as per the prayer made earlier.
      • If the distressing energy is very powerful, then the coconut gets flung and cannot be found. Thus one can judge the amount of distressing energy absorbed by the coconut.
      Effect of the coconut used in the ritual Salient features of the black magic done on the affected person Severity of black magic (percentage)
      1. Coconut becoming heavy Black magic done to create constant restlessness, difficulty in thinking 20%
      2. Drying of water in the coconut Black magic done through the medium of food to decrease appetite 29%
      3. Blackening/rotting of the coconut Black magic done to make the bones porous 32%
      4. Coconut breaking into pieces Black magic done to transmit black energy into all the cells of the body 35%
      5. Coconut not breaking Black magic done to kill the person 40%
      6. Coconut flying off and not being recovered Black magic done to kill the person and then capture his subtle-body 70%
      7. Coconut breaking into pieces when held in the hand  before it is actively broken it by flinging it on the ground Black magic done to put suicidal thoughts into the minds of the affected person and make him act upon them at once 100%

      Using this method one can cast off the evil eye of several people at the same time by making them sit for the ritual together.

    • Step 4: Disposing of the coconut

      The remains of the broken coconut need to be collected in a plastic bag, sealed and disposed of in a garbage can away from the house premises after praying to Deity Maruti that the negative energy in it be destroyed.

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