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Can animals and plants/trees also be possessed?

Yes. Animals, plants and trees can be possessed by ghosts, though it is quite rare for them to be possessed.

Ghosts possess animals with the purpose of using them as mediums to trouble humans. The possession of the possessed animals is temporary, during which they can make the animals do a number of things to trouble humans, such as:

  • Possessed animals attacking people, e.g. a ghost can possess an already rabid dog who then becomes even more vicious, and goes and bites the person the ghost wants to trouble.
  • Possessed animals can have Increased level of resistance, e.g. germs, insects, rodents, etc. develop resistance to  measures to get rid of them such as pesticides, etc.
  • Possessed animals and insects can multiply very fast so as to be troublesome to humans, e.g. cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, mosquitoes, etc.

Ghosts mostly possess those animals or plants that are regressed human beings. By “regressed human beings” we mean human beings who have taken birth as animals to undergo some suffering.

Among the plants that are not regressed humans, ghosts reside on those that are already high in Raja-Tama like the cactus. They usually reside on trees to trouble humans passing under or near those trees, and will often possess trees near to where those people regularly go. In the case of trees that are regressed humans, ghosts can reside inside them too.

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