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Effect of Negative Energy Attacks on His Holiness Dr. Athavale, Environment and Observer of Attacked Item

Effect of Negative Energy Attacks on His Holiness Dr. Athavale, Environment and Observer of Attacked Item

In many case studies of negative energy attacks on inanimate objects, we have presented the effect of a particular attack in the form of percentages. The science we have provided is in relation to 3 parameters – the effect of the attack on His Holiness Dr. Athavale, the environment and the observer of the attacked item.

In the below table, we explain the full potential effect of these attacks.

If an attack by negative energies were to be 100% effective, it would result in the following:

On whom or what the effect is felt A 100% effect would result in

His Holiness Dr. Athavale


His death *


The environment


Total spiritual pollution of the environment where raja and tama components are predominant. Such pollution of the environment produces natural disasters like volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. or other disasters like war or terrorist attacks, where there is loss of life at large (of human beings, animals, plants, etc.).**

[To give an idea of the extent of destruction that such complete, 100% pollution may cause, the tsunami which hit South Asia in 2004 was an example of 20-30% destruction.]


The observer (an average person observing or using the affected object)


Attack on the person at all three levels: physical (e.g. his organs getting damaged), psychological (e.g. becoming mentally unstable) and spiritual (e.g. obstacles in spiritual practice). Ultimately the attack would result in death. ***

* To bring about the death of a higher level Saint, negative energies would have to expend an unprecedented amount of their energy.

** Depending on the strength of the attacking energy the effect on the environment can be immediate (e.g. the natural disaster, etc. can come into effect immediately), or it may take some time. Here it is important to note that due to God’s grace the disaster can be averted but for that samashti bhav (collective spiritual emotion) is important. It cannot be averted due to the spiritual emotion of a single person. Everyone’s bhav (spiritual emotion) has to be there. If only a few people have bhav, then the natural disaster will come into effect, but people’s lives may be saved. (There have been instances of seekers being saved from natural disasters or terror attacks due to their bhav.)

*** The effect on the observer can be averted by the subtle border we place around the pictures of affected items. However the extent of the benefit each person receives from this subtle border is dependent on their spiritual level and spiritual emotion. Wherever spiritual emotion is lacking, negative energies more easily find a way to attack since the person’s protective sheath is weak and does not last very long. A good seeker with a higher spiritual level does not get affected at all due to spiritual emotion and God’s protective sheath around him or her.

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