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LEGACY – Demonic Possession

Demonic possession

For most of us demonic possession conjures up images of ghosts, demonic characters we have seen in movies or some firsthand eerie experiences we may have encountered. However, demonic possession can be quite complex which is way beyond what meets our gross eyes. Demonic possession is when a negative entity possess and controls the mind and intellect of a person by merging with the person’s consciousness. Thus, the person’s actions and behavior are partially or completely controlled by the demonic entity. Demonic possession may not always be dramatic but can also be very subtle yet strong. SSRF has done extensive research to demystify this whole dimension by studying and researching thousands of demonic possessions through our members who have advanced sixth sense. We have found that 30% of the world’s population is possessed and 50% are affected. Demonic energies work through people and take advantage of their personality defects to create conflict and instability in the world at the level of the individual, family, society and nation. SSRF recommends spiritual practice as per the basic principles helps to protect oneself from being affected or possessed by demonic entities and ghosts. People not doing spiritual practice are unable to receive required protection from God. Due to this ghosts can create havoc in these people’s life at a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.



Research articles

Introductory articles

Spiritual research on possession

This article explains how through spiritual practice when our spiritual level rises we are protected from demonic entities. Also, how at lower spiritual level or someone who does not do spiritual practice can easily be affected by demonic entities physically, psychologically and spiritually.

World’s Population Affected or Possessed by Ghosts

Ghosts adversely affect and possess a large proportion of the world’s population in the current era (Kaliyuga).

Definition Of Demonic Possession And Being Affected By Ghost

Being affected by ghosts means the demonic entity partially or completely controls the physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual functioning of an individual using distressing energy.

How to identify demonic possession?

Symptoms of ghost affecting or possessing a person

As demonic possession is very subtle it can be understood only with advanced sixth sense. This article lists the various symptoms that are typically seen when demonic entities possess a person so that one can apply remedial measures.

How can one identify a person affected or possessed by a ghost by means of the intellect?

In this article we elucidate some tips on how we can identify by our intellect whether one is affected or possessed by ghosts or demonic entities.

How can one identify the ghost (demons, devils, negative energy etc.) within oneself?

By having basic understanding and knowledge of the subject of possession helps one to identify intellectually whether one is possessed and protect oneself.

Manifest vs unmanifest demonic possession

Demonic possession can be mild, medium of severe. Sometimes, a person maybe completely possessed by a ghost yet both the person and people around him maybe completely unaware about it.

Levels and signs of demonic possession

Demonic possession is a complex issue with many nuances some of which may or may not be understood through the gross eyes.

How does demonic possession happen?

How do people get possessed by ghosts?

The act of possession typically goes through four generic steps. These steps can take place in a few moments or sometimes can take many months.

What happens when all the ghost’s desires are fulfilled?

After a ghost’s desires are fulfilled, do they stop possessing the concerned person?

Where do the ghosts live in a human being?

Ghosts can reside anywhere in a human being and act through black energy centres they create in vulnerable parts of a person.

Which people are attacked by ghosts or demons?

Some of the reasons why ghosts and demonic entities can attack a person to complete their give and take account; to fulfill their desires or if a person visits a haunted place.

Why females are possessed more often than males?

Understand the physical, psychological and spiritual reasons why women are more susceptible to possession as compared to men.

Can animals and plants/trees also be possessed?

Ghosts and demonic entities can possess animals and plants with the purpose of using them as mediums to trouble humans.

Other articles on demonic possession

Pictures of ghosts

In this section, we present drawings based on subtle-knowledge of ghosts by their type and activity.

Is it beneficial to visit the exorcist?

Understand whether or not it is helpful to visit an exorcist to overcome problems caused by ghosts or demonic entities.

Effect of negative energy attacks on His Holiness Dr. Athavale, environment and observer of attacked item

In this article, we explain the full potential effect of these attacks.

What percentage of humanity is affected by ghosts?Ghosts adversely affect and possess a large proportion of the world’s population in the current era (Kaliyuga).


Symptoms of ghost possessing a personWhat are various symptoms that are typically seen when demonic entities possess a person?


how do ghosts possess a person?Understand what one can do to help our departed ancestors in the afterlife.



Understand whether or not it is helpful to visit an exorcist.

Research Suggested

What measures can one take to overcome problems due to ghosts at a personal level?

The best and permanent spiritual remedy is regular spiritual practice according to the six basic principles of spiritual practice.

What remedies can be employed to end possession? 

Learn about the various spiritual remedies that can be employed to end demonic possession.

Reducing the risk of possession

Learn what can one do at the physical, psychological and spiritual level to reduce the risk of demonic possession by a ghost?

Remedies to end possessionLearn about the various spiritual remedies that can be employed to end demonic possession.

Case Studies

d1-Elizabeth-depressionOvercoming depression

When Elizabeth realized that her bouts of depression were due to possession, she could overcome it through spiritual practice.

d2-Transient-global-amnesiaTransient global amnesia

Mahesh travelled 500km from the SSRF center without any memory of his journey due to possession.

shirt getting torn

Shirt getting torn

Ghost manifesting in a
seeker due to the presence of a Saint and tearing the seeker’s shirt.

d4-sexual-thoughtsUnwanted sexual

Luis was plagued with sexual thoughts from a young age due to possession by a witch.

d5-Obstruction-in-diagnosisObstruction in

Ghost caused obstacles in attaining a correct medical diagnosis.

d6-Pratik-overeatingOvereating due
to possession

Pratik suffered from compulsive overeating due to a departed ancestor fulfilling its desire for food through possession.

d7-IanOvercoming depression & anxiety

Ian shares how he overcame various problems in life
through chanting the Name of God.

d8-SwatiOvercome fear

Swati suffered from fear
and timidness due to a
subtle sorcerer troubling her since childhood.

d9-DerekOvercoming chronic

Derek’s overthrew his
depressive states which began when he was 17 due to possession by a ghost; by performing spiritual practice.

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