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Unconditional love, spiritual love devoid of expectations

Unconditional love, spiritual love devoid of expectations

Ordinarily when one loves anyone there is some form of expectation attached and it is conditional. However spiritual love (Prīti) is unconditional, no matter what the circumstances are. This form of love is Divine and only develops after a considerable amount of spiritual practice when one perceives God in everyone. So also, we become happier individuals when our love is not adulterated or diluted by expectations.

Worldly love (with expectation)

The above diagram shows how worldly love i.e. love with expectation is based on the similarities with another person’s nature. But there is no guarantee that all aspects of our nature will be similar or complement the other person’s nature. The strife and trouble begins once we discover the difference.

Spiritual love (without expectations)

On the other hand, spiritual love is based on the unchanging Soul. This is akin to how a string links the beads on a necklace whatever the shape, colour or size – the external nature is not important. The hole in each bead represents our Soul, which is the same for all of us i.e. the God in one is not in any way different from the God within another.


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