Spiritual love (Priti)

To be able to love someone unconditionally is something which all of us aspire for, but in reality find it difficult to practice. Usually when we say we love someone, it is laden with expectations and is conditional in nature. Once the person acts against our wishes, our love reduces. However, spiritual love or (Priti) or unconditional love is Divine in nature and does not change as per the situation. Such spiritual love is seen in the bearings of Saints or evolved seekers. In spiritual love, there is more thought about others as opposed to self. However, this spiritual love (Unconditional love) develops after one performs a considerable amount of spiritual practice. Then, one is able to rise above self and perceive the God Principle in others. When we begin to develop spiritual love (Unconditional love) which is immaculate and is not diluted with expectations; we experience happiness and contentment. Worldly love, i.e. love with expectation is based on the similarities with another person’s nature. But there is no guarantee that all aspects of our nature will be similar or complement the other person’s nature. The strife and trouble begins once we discover the difference. On the other hand, spiritual love (Unconditional love) is based on the unchanging Soul. This is akin to how a string links the beads on a necklace whatever the shape, colour or size – the external nature is not important.

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Spiritual love (Unconditional love) devoid of expectations

Love without expectations makes us expansive and lets us see God in others.

Part 1 – Paratpar Guru Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale’s unconditional love for humanity

To love unconditionally is so hard to practise let alone master. Yet when someone does display it, it is indicative of their Divine nature. For those of us who aspire to reach God, Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale is an embodiment of unconditional love whom we can learn from.

Case Studies

f1From hardships to Bliss

Read about how Maria experienced spiritual love from God and seekers at the SSRF research centre.

f3Experiencing spiritual love of a Saint

A seeker describes the spiritual love (Unconditional love) she experienced while visiting a higher level Saint.

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Anasthesia's birthdayWatch Anastasia’s birthday celebration to see how a small child has spiritual love (Unconditional love) for others.

Who is seeker og God ?Who is considered a seeker of God? What qualities or features are needed for spiritual growth?

Live an aware lifeIncrease your awareness of how the spiritual dimension influences our lives

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An example of H.H. Dr. Athavale’s Spiritual love for humanity

H.H. Dr Athavale has guided that specific mantras related to the last rites at the time of death be made available on the SSRF website. This is especially meant to help the subtle bodies of the deceased who have had their last rites done in a crematorium. Through this act He showed us His spiritual love (Unconditional love) for humanity.

Perform spiritual practice to gain protection from God

Ms Lola Vezilić explains how God loves us unconditionally and how we should love God the same way.