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How does chanting as a spiritual practice conform to the basic principles of Spirituality

According to the science of Spirituality, chanting the Name of God as per one’s religion of birth is the recommended foundation of spiritual practice in the current era i.e. the era of Strife (Kaliyug). It is recommended that it be practiced throughout one’s spiritual journey. Chanting the Name of God can be done anywhere and at any time and is the most convenient form of spiritual practice for today’s world.

This spiritual practice, besides being convenient also conforms to the requirements of the 6 basic spiritual principles that were mentioned earlier.

Spiritual Principle How chanting is in accordance with the basic Spiritual principles
There are as many paths to God as there are people
Everyone is not expected to chant the same Name of God – each one chants as per their religion of birth or their family Deity in the case of Hindus.
From many to one
We go from many words in prayers to just one word, i.e. the Name of God. This one Word is a concentrated form of God’s energy.
From gross to subtle
One grows from ritualistic worship like organised religious services to a more subtle spiritual practice i.e. chanting the Name of God which can be undertaken anywhere without any restrictions.
According to spiritual level
Chanting is the basic foundation of practice. As one moves to higher steps in spiritual practice, one takes up progressively higher levels of chanting like chanting without lip movement, then mentally and finally continuously.
Relevant to the times
According to the Science of Spirituality chanting is the recommended spiritual practice for humanity in the current era. This has also been endorsed by Saints and evolved Spiritual Guides or Gurus in Kaliyug.
Offering to God as per your talent or capacity We constantly remember God by repeating his Name throughout the day and hence offer our mind to Him as opposed to getting caught up in worldly or unnecessary or negative thoughts.

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