Experiencing Fragrance Without Any External Source

Spiritual experience of Dr Avinash

One afternoon in April 2000, when I was chanting, all of a sudden I got fragrance of sandalwood. I thought that someone had lit a sandalwood incense stick or it could be a perfume. Just to confirm this, I asked everyone in the house if they were getting any fragrance and whether they had used any perfume or had lit an incense stick. But all answered in the negative. Finally, I even went in the toilet and yes, I was getting the same fragrance in the toilet as well. This fragrance lasted for about 5 minutes. I had never experienced this in my life before.

– Dr. Avinash Kashid, Beed, India.

The Spiritual science behind this experience

We call it embodied Soul according to the science of spirituality as it has lost cognizance of itself as the 'Soul' and thinks of itself in terms of the five senses, mind and intellect instead. The Soul of the subtle body (i.e. minus the physical body after one dies) is also known as the embodied Soul or jiva.

Subtle (without apparent external source of origin) fragrance is experienced at a spiritual level of 45% to 50%. Even though one may be otherwise at a spiritual level lower than 45%, when one is actively engaged in spiritual practice with devotion and concentration, at times the spiritual level increases temporarily, like in this case when Dr. Kashid was chanting. This spiritual experience is attained in a state of ’embodied soul doing spiritual practice’, i.e. the jīvātmā state. In this state the spiritual emotion towards God is awakened. Due to this the mind gets focussed on the manifest frequencies of divine consciousness emanating from the soul. These frequencies are related to the absolute earth element (Pruthvītattva). The subtle experience of the absolute Earth element is odour.

A spiritual experience serves the purpose of a milestone in our spiritual journey. It is God’s way of telling us that we are on the right path.