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LEGACY – Personality Defect Removal and Personality Improvement


There is a saying in ancient scriptures that the mind is responsible for both man’s binding and his ultimate liberation from the cycle of birth-death or happiness-unhappiness. The personality defects that are there in a person’s mind are responsible for unhappiness, whereas one’s qualities are responsible for happiness and contentment. Personality defects are a serious impediment in one’s spiritual practice. This is because they cause us to make mistakes which harm ourselves and others thus keeping us in the cycle of birth and death. In this section we share the process of how to remove personality defects in order to gain lasting personality improvement and make rapid spiritual progress.

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Guideline on how to grow spiritually

Section 1 Background information on the importance of this process

1.1 Introduction to Personality Defect Removal Process

1.2 His Holiness Dr Athavale - creator of the PDR process

1.3 What is personality?

1.4 Desirable and undesirable characteristics

1.5 Personality defects and the ability to handle stress

1.6 How past lives influence our personality

1.7 Personality defect removal as spiritual practice

Section 2 How to go about identifying our personality defects

2.1 Self-awareness is the first step to personality development

2.2 Stumbling blocks in becoming self-aware

2.3 Categorisation of mistakes

2.4 Collecting data about oneself - how to write a mistake

2.5 Self-analysis tool – The PDR chart (Part1)

2.6 Self-analysis tool – The PDR chart (Part2)

Section 3 How to go about removing our personality defects

3.1 What is an Autosuggestion ?

3.2 Do taking Autosuggestions reduce your destiny ? (Coming soon)

3.3 Types of Autosuggestion techniques

3.4 A1 technique

3.5 A2 technique

3.6 A3 technique

3.7 B1 technique

3.8 B2 technique

3.9 C1 technique

3.10 C2 technique 

3.11 How to give an Autosuggestion

3.12 Factors to consider when framing Autosuggestions (Coming soon)

3.13 Emergency Autosuggestions

3.14 Progress Autosuggestions (Coming soon)

3.15 Do affirmations work ?

Section 4 What happens in the subtle when we try to remove personality defects

Coming soon

Section 5 Next steps

Coming soon

Section 6 How to overcome some common personality defects

6.1 How to stop negative thoughts


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Steps in spiritual practiceAlong with the Personality Defect Removal process for personality improvement there are other steps in spiritual progress that can be practiced to facilitate rapid spiritual growth.

spiritual_principlesJust as there are physical laws and principles in the seen world, in Spirituality too  there are universal governing principles.  Abiding by these principles while practicing Spirituality ensures spiritual growth.

Global issuesThe personality defects of people are largely responsible for the alarming trends  we see nowadays, which includes regional conflicts, war, natural disasters and climate change.

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Chanting − Functional Structure of the MindUnknown to our conscious mind, our personality, actions and thoughts are influenced by deep-rooted impressions in our subconscious mind. Negative impressions are known as personality defects.

How does chanting work?Learn how chanting the Name of God helps to reduce our personality defects, improve our personality and brings clarity and spiritual purity to the mind in our day to day actions.

Case studies


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Read about how Raul improved his life through Personality Defect Removal and personality improvement.

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