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Spiritual experiences

Spiritual Experience LandingMany religious and mystical traditions see religious experiences as revelations caused by divine agency rather than ordinary natural processes. They are considered real encounters with God. People who can relate with religious experiences wonder if it is a feature of the human brain amenable to normal scientific study. According to spiritual research a person has 5 senses, mind and intellect but also the five subtle organs of smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. These subtle senses cannot be understood by scientific or external means though they are highly rational. According to spiritual research, the subtle senses of smell, taste and sight awaken at the 40% spiritual level. At such a stage one can experience subtle smells from the spiritual dimension, such as sandalwood, can taste sweet positive vibrations and will be able to see colors from the spiritual world. This does not mean that once we reach the 40% spiritual level we will be able to get all the spiritual experiences at will, but it serves as a general rule of thumb as to when we will be able to experience the subtle dimension. However if one does not get any spiritual experience they need not worry. If one already has faith then they may need not experience anything from the subtle dimension, as the great saying in spirituality is the greatest spiritual experience is the feeling of bliss and peace.

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Research Articles

What is a spiritual experience

Experiencing something which is beyond the comprehension of the five senses, mind and intellect constitutes a ‘spiritual experience’.

Spiritual experience of a sweet taste while chanting when walking on the street

Therese Andrew felt a whole atmosphere of radiance accompanied with a sweet taste while walking home and chanting the name of God.

Perceiving subtle fragrance from a sweet (candy) wrapper touched by His Holiness Dr. Athavale

Saints have a radiant store of divine energy within them and this time Sean Clarke, editor of SSRF perceived this divine energy emitting from a candy wrapper touched by H.H. Dr. Athavale.

Perceiving subtle fragrance emanating from a spiritual centre 11 km. away

Ms. Shilpa Deshmukh had a multitude of spiritual experiences on her way travelling to the Spiritual Science Research Center situated at Dhamse, Goa, India.

Featured Articles

Experiencing something which is beyond the comprehension of the five senses, mind and intellect constitutes a ‘spiritual experience’.

Case Studies

Spiritual experience of subtle fragrance

Vamsi explains how he had a spiritual experience of smelling a fragrance of Holy ash while serving God which no one else could get. This was even though there was no Holy ash in the vicinity.

Spiritual experience of the fragrance and taste of sandalwood while reading articles related to Spirituality

Spiritual articles often emit radiant vibrations of spiritual purity, and those with a subtle-sense of taste can sense it!

Subtle experience of a foul smell before a satsang

Spiritual experiences are not always positive. Learn how and why negative energies created a subtle-negative smell to disturb seekers before a spiritual meeting

Spiritual Blog

Divine particles appearing on the therapeutic stockings of His Holiness Dr Athavale

We turned the stockings inside out and found the Divine particles on the surface where it touches the skin of His Holiness Dr. Athavale’s legs. What is notable is that the particles have appeared on the inside and not on the outside of the stockings.

A prediction about the coming times

By making use of the subtle mind and subtle intellect, Mrs Yoya Vallee has successfully transcended the boundaries of space and time and saw miraculous changes to occur in the future.