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Is graffiti art or vandalism – a spiritual perspective


1. Introduction

Art forms have always intrigued us as it is a way of self-expression and creativity. To some, it is something very fundamental and a treasured heritage. However, art forms have evolved and transformed and drifted giving way to contemporary modern day art. Unfortunately under the lieu of modern hip hop culture, art has digressed and various practices have emerged. More often than not, there is a very thin line between vandalism as an art form and true art. One such practice which has become commonplace is ‘Graffiti’.

grafitti 02As graffiti is increasingly becoming a part of the modern popular culture, youth are seen illicitly scribbling, sketching and scathing public property, buildings, bathrooms, railways compartments, subways, bridges etc. with sprays, marker pens, paint etc. making strange designs, surreal landscapes, grotesque figures, etc. Sometimes the designs of graffiti are so outlandish that it leaves a lingering eerie feeling with the onlookers. Anonymous groups have even scaled heights to make designs on tall buildings or work hideously through the night to make graffiti at various joints.

grafitti 03Some people will dig their heels vouching it to be harmless and make allowance for it as long as it is commissioned for within the legal bounds and ‘it does not harm anyone’. However, here we do not take into account and are often completely oblivious to the spiritual dimension associated with graffiti. Under the veil of fun and hoopla we are unaware when we transgress from merely appreciating a piece of art to something affecting us negatively.

As the spiritual implications are at the subtle level, we are not able to perceive it. Without an advanced sixth sense of vision it is difficult to understand that how a seemingly simple act of making intricate graphical designs can attract and emit negative vibrations.

2. Spiritual research into the effect of graffiti

At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, we have conducted extensive spiritual research into the spiritual dimension and how closely it affects our lives. Every activity which we do attracts and emits vibrations which can be positive or negative depending on the three basic subtle components it is comprised of. These three subtle components are known as Sattva (positive), Raja (energy) and Tama (negative). The Sattva component implies spiritual purity; Raja denotes action (energy to perform positive or negative actions) while the Tama component is marked by spiritual impurity and inertia.

Our readers can do one subtle experiment. Observe the pictures below and try to see if you experience pleasant or unpleasant vibrations from Picture A and then from Picture B.

graffiti 04-1 grafitti 04-2

                                   Picture A                                                                       Picture B

Picture A emits sattvik, positive vibrations, while picture B of graffiti emits tamasik, negative vibrations.

grafitti 05Spiritual research confirms that graffiti designs attract and emit negative vibrations. The murky designs act as antennas through which the negative vibrations are emitted into the environment. To understand it more simply, anything which is closest to nature or natural imbibes and emits spiritually pure vibrations or is replete with Divine Principle. Whereas, the designs which are mere figments of imagination, are drawn asymmetrically and in a contorted manner are devoid of Divine principle or spiritual purity.

Such writings or paintings emit Raja – Tama vibrations and impact the onlookers negatively. It can create uneasiness, confusion, and anxiety in the person. When such designs remain on the walls of the premises for prolonged periods of time, they gradually become storehouses of negative energy which affect the household or people inhabiting the premises.

 “The one who is looking at the scene is affected by the scene.” – His Holiness Dr. Athavale

The enhanced negativity affects us on an everyday basis and we can suffer from a wide range of problems such as getting constant negative thoughts, feeling heaviness, lack of sleep, lack of clarity, hyperactivity, increased sexual thoughts, having anger, irritation, brawls within the family, etc. Our surroundings and what we see affect our thoughts and overall well-being.

grafitti 06A fundamental spiritual principle is also that what we see triggers thoughts in us and over a period of time a corresponding impression is formed in our subconscious minds. Thus, if we see something spiritually pure, we get positive thoughts while negative images create negative impressions in our subconscious minds.

grafitti 07Besides, graffiti also act as tools which the negative energies use to affect people. At SSRF we also found that the concept of graffiti designs has been instigated by the negative energies themselves. In most cases the artists who draw such designs, especially ones which have skeletons and ghastly figures, are possessed by negative entities.

The negative energies use such individuals as pawns to spread negativity. That is also the reason why such artists engage in illicit activities working through the night and gain demonic pleasure in obliterating and vandalising public property. The reckless behaviour seen in some of the artists is also a sign of demonic possession.

Effect of graffiti

Negative effect on the person making the design


Negative effect on the onlooker


Negative effect on the premises


5* %

5 years

1 %

1 week

2 %

1 year even after the graffiti is removed

*The above figure is for only 1 graffiti. If the person continues to draw graffiti, the negative impact accumulates.

Such art is a reflection of the current era of strife or Kaliyug (the worst era). Due to the effect of Kaliyug, such negative practices are becoming prevalent and gaining mass appeal. This is because majority of people do not perform any spiritual practice and merely revel in maya related activities.

3. Art as a medium to realise God

Art is one of the mediums of realising God. Art in its true form commemorates God’s creation and artists who make drawings in sync with God’s creation perform spiritual practice so as to go closer to God and experience Bliss. SSRF has many seekers who are doing spiritual practice through the medium of art to create awareness about the spiritual dimension. Such art guides people towards sattvik or spiritually pure lifestyle. When we look at pictures drawn by such artists, spiritual emotion is awakened and this constitutes their spiritual practice.

One such artist seeker is Mrs Yoya Vallee. She is blessed with the subtle ability to see and comprehend the subtle dimension. She has made numerous drawings which have been published on our website. These subtle drawings help demystify the subtle dimension and clarifies that when we engage in spiritually pure activities, spiritually pure vibrations are attracted towards us and vice versa. Through this medium, Mrs Yoya Vallee is performing spiritual practice through subtle art.

In retrospect, to protect oneself from the detrimental impact of the prevalent negative practices such as graffiti designs, we recommend regular spiritual practice as per the six basic principles. Only when we do sustained spiritual practice, the Sattva component increases in us and a protective sheath is created which protects us from the rampant negativity.

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