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Spiritual house cleansing

Spiritual house cleansing

1. Introduction to the cause of negative vibrations and haunting in a premises

Spiritual research has revealed that most houses around the world have some form of negative vibrations. These negative vibrations can be due to a number of reasons such as:

  • The people in the premises
  • For what purpose is the premises being used?
  • The premises: The type of construction, cleanliness of the house, the items in the house and their placement, etc.
  • The plot of land that the house has been built on
  • The surrounding area

More importantly these negative vibrations attract ghosts (devils, demons, negative energies, etc.) or departed ancestors. The following chart shows the factors and their percentages on average that contribute to attracting ghosts and departed ancestors into premises that have negative vibrations.

Spiritual house cleansing - Factors contributing towards attacks by ghosts and departed ancestors

For example if the residents have a lot of personality defects such as anger, greed, addictions, etc. they would attract ghosts or departed ancestors. Also suppose the premises is being used for indulging in addictions, tāmasik music, etc. it can again attract ghosts. Moreover about 60% of our ancestors are earthbound after they die. Approximately half of these ancestors hover around their favourite place (ancestral home) or object and the other half around the people whom they like the most. Departed ancestors who are earthbound are more likely to cause trouble for their descendants or for people residing within their ancestral home.

Refer to the article – Why would my ancestor want to trouble me?

However most people are in the dark regarding the distressing vibrations in their premises as they are themselves affected by the distressing energy of ghosts. They therefore do not perceive the presence of ghosts, departed ancestors nor the negative vibrations. The presence of a distressing energy covering (on an average 4 cms) over most people and a lack of sixth sense makes them insensitive to the subtle-distress due to the presence of ghosts.

Spiritual house cleansing - Black covering around a person affected by a departed ancestor or ghost

This can be understood by the analogy of how medical personnel do not pick up or are not disturbed by the smell of medicines and disinfectant that permeates a hospital setting. So also those with an established covering of distressing energy (i.e. Raja-Tama) around them feel better when there are more Raja-Tama activities in a premises. For example, an alcoholic who is possessed will feel only happier when he gets more liquor into the premises.

2. Measures to overcome haunting and negative vibrations in the premises

The following table shows the comparative importance of measures that can be taken to spiritually cleanse one’s environment:

Remedy % Importance
Spiritual practice of the residents in the premises 30
Residents within the premises having a pleasing personality 30
Rituals to cleanse the premises 14
Visits by Saints 10
Keeping the doors and windows open 2
Eliminating defects in the premises that contribute to the subtle vibrations of a premises 2
Not experimenting with energies such as using a ouija board 2
Miscellaneous (growing sattvik plants such as tulsi etc.) 10

Note: The following spiritual healing measures are effective tools to reduce the negativity in the premises:

These healing measures have increased potency when done with devotion and spiritual emotion (bhāv)  along with one’s regular spiritual practice. The science of studying a premises and Feng shui have limited role in removing a haunting. More than the structural changes advised in both the science of studying a premises and Feng shui, it is the appropriate rituals done for the spiritual cleansing of the premises that impart more benefit. Even so only minor ghosts of the most inferior variety go away through rituals for spiritual cleansing. The following table shows the results of spiritual research with regard to the effect of the efforts of exorcists to spiritually cleanse a house allegedly haunted by ghosts.

Nature of the haunting1 %2 Benefit
Real 30 03
Imaginary 30 304
Miscellaneous 40 104


  1. We categorise nature of haunting into three types
    1. Real: This is where the haunting is actually by ghosts or our departed ancestors.
    2. Imaginary: This is where people imagine or hallucinate that the house is haunted.
    3. Miscellaneous: This is where the house may seem haunted due to negative vibrations caused by the structure of the house, surrounding plot of land, resident’s thoughts, etc.
  2. This column gives us the probability, on average, of the haunting being real, imaginary or just negative vibrations.
  3. The probability of an average exorcist / sorcerer / tāntrik māntrik spiritual healer / priest / psychic being able to remove the ghost is low.
  4. This means that 30% of people who imagined that there was a haunting will get respite at a psychological level that the ghost was removed after the average exorcist or ghost-buster cleanses the premises. So also 10% of people would see some benefit if the cause of the alleged haunting is due to secondary negative vibrations and not from a ghost.

Only spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice is a sustainable way to eradicate a ghost from the premises.

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