How to spiritually cleanse the home?

As the old saying goes “Home is where the heart is.” Many of us are attached to our homes and we would naturally want our home to be a positive environment that engenders good qualities and constructive activities. However, the kind of home we live in can be very different based on our lifestyle. Depending on where we live, how our house is built, how we maintain it, how we live in it, etc., our home can give off different spiritual vibrations. Our spiritual research has shown that  we can improve the spiritual vibrations of our homes through different methods one of which is spiritual cleansing. This can have many positive effects such as increased financial security, improved relationships between those living in the home, more happiness among the residents and less obstacles to spiritual practice done by those in the home. There are well known sciences dedicated to improving the spiritual vibrations of a premises such as Vastushastra and Feng Shui. They go into a lot of detail on how we can construct a premises so as to avoid distress, cleanse the home and attract spiritually positive vibrations. However, it is important to note that the single most important factor in determining the frequencies in a premises is the people living there, their thoughts and their actions. By doing spiritual practice, the residents within the premises can positively influence thoughts and actions thereby spiritually cleansing the environment.

Spiritual living cleans home on subtle level

Spiritual practice cleans home on subtle level

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Spiritual vibrations in the home and their effects

Some people put a lot of thought and money into how to construct their dream home or arrange it in a manner so that it is very comfortable and full of warmth. You may be surprised to learn that every decision that we make with regards to our home and what we put into it has the potential to affect the spiritual vibrations of the premises and one's happiness.

What are the symptoms of a haunted house?

When someone mentions a house is haunted, it can bring different sorts of dramatic images from Hollywood movies to mind such as animals howling, objects moving on their own or blood appearing spontaneously. The truth is a haunting can manifest in subtler ways and houses are haunted more often than we generally think. Departed ancestors can hover around the ancestral home for long periods of time and can be considered a form of haunting.

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Spiritual vibrations in the homeEvery decision that we make with regards to our home and what we put into it has the potential to affect the spiritual vibrations of the premises.

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Practical tips to improve spiritual vibrations in the home

People save up and are willing to pay a good amount of money to make their home more beautiful and luxurious. However if these same people invest in improving the spiritual vibrations in the home they will increase the overall well-being of their family and provide a stable environment. If all the practical tips are followed by all family members, it will generate sustained well-being, happiness and peace of mind.

How to spiritually cleanse the house

Exorcism, Feng Shui and other common methods to overcome a haunting have limitations. Spiritual practice of residents is the most effective and sustainable way to cleanse a home at a spiritual level.

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how to improve spiritual vibrations in the homeLearn how to increase the positive vibrations in your home through cleansing and other measures.

Case studies

Holes created in the house vibrate negativellyHoles created in the home

Mrs. Dragana Kislovski noticed holes had appeared in the wooden flooring in the corridor of her home in Europe.

soot forming in house gives bad vibrationSpontaneous soot forming

No fire took place, however a residue of soot was seen all around, as if a fire had indeed taken place.

oily stains that emit negative vibrtionsSpontaneous oily stains

Oily stains appeared on the wall of H.H. Dr. Athavale’s room and emitted negative vibrations.

Foul smell in the house before a satsangFoul smell in the house before a satsang

A foul odour in the house caused by negative energies tried to disrupt satsang.

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Start your spiritual journeyLearn how you can start or compliment your current spiritual practice.

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Ghost tourism - the scary side of tourism

While some find the idea of going to haunted places to see ghosts as appealing, such actions are detrimental at a spiritual level. Going to a haunted place can increase the likelihood that we become affected by the ghosts residing there. This can have devastating consequences as the affecting or possessing ghost can create havoc in our lives at a physical, mental and spiritual level.