The spiritual effect of commercial shampoo

1. Introduction

It is commonplace for people to use many different hair cleaning products available in the market. The reason why we purchase these products is that we want the dirt,  skin particles, environmental pollutants, oils, etc. that slowly build up in our hair to be removed so that it looks nice, neat and healthy. However, apart from helping clean our outer appearance, do hair cleaning products such as shampoos impact us at a spiritual level? To answer this question, SSRF conducted research on the spiritual effect of several types of hair cleaning products. We compared a commercial shampoo with an Āyurvēdic powder called shikakai (Acacia concinna). The results of the spiritual research into Ayurvedic powder will be published soon.

2. Spiritual perspective on our daily routine

In our section on how to lead a sāttvik lifestyle, we have explained how to spiritualise various facets of our day-to-day life. The basic tenet of leading a sattvik life is to adhere to practices and actions that emit or attract spiritually pure (sattvik) vibrations.

Our hygiene practices constitute an important segment of our daily routine. In another set of articles we have elaborated on the spiritual effect of the different ways we bathe, as well as the spiritual benefits of using gomūtra when bathing.While following our daily hygiene routine, we are faced with a myriad of choices, especially with regard to the type of cosmetic products we use. For example, is it ethical to use cosmetic products that are tested on animals? Are the ingredients used in cosmetic products safe? Today we can even choose a hair cleaning product based on whether we want shiny, curly, hydrated, “dandruff-free” or other type of hair.Through advanced sixth sense, we analysed several hair cleaning products to ascertain what sort of subtle-vibrations are emitted from them. This study can help us decide the type of hair cleaning products that will benefit us most at a spiritual level.

3. Spiritual research on the effect of a commercial shampoo

Our study of commercial shampoo was a drawing based on subtle-knowledge drawn by Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar, a seeker with an advanced sixth sense of vision. It has been verified and authenticated by His Holiness Dr. Athavale.In the below drawing based on subtle-knowledge we can see the subtle-vibrations that a hair shampoo attracts and emanates.

commercial shampoo subtle effects

The spiritual research conducted on commercial shampoo revealed its following features :
  • Some amount of Divine Energy (Shakti) materialises in commercial shampoo. However it is surrounded by a thick covering of negative energy.
  • Commercial shampoo activates black energy which has a high proportion of the Tama component. This is subsequently imbibed by the hair and scalp.
  • With an increase in the amount of black energy around our hair and scalp, we become more susceptible to attacks by negative energies. Higher-level negative energies such as subtle-sorcerers (māntriks) can thus easily place subtle-diagrams (yantras) there to attack us. This can cause a variety of effects like hair loss, hair thinning or thickening, dry and brittle hair, etc. We have published a case study of hair loss due to attack by negative energies.
  • Illusory or māyāvi frequencies are heavily attracted to commercial shampoo and related products. They also emit similar vibrations into the atmosphere. The many fragrances emitted by commercial products are an example of this. Although such fragrances may seem pleasant to our gross senses, at a spiritual level they emit disturbing vibrations.

4. Practical implications of our research

Below are some practical implications of our research on commercial hair products :
  • From a spiritual point of view it is best to avoid commercial hair cleaning or hair beauty products.
  • Another interesting fact is that even natural herbal or Ayurvedic shampoos, when in liquid form, attract some amount of negative vibrations. This is because chemicals are a necessary component of every liquid shampoo and they attract negativity.
  • An alternative product we can use instead is a powder made from shikakai (the herb Acacia concinna). Similarly, Ayurvedic herbal pastes such as the one made by mixing Ubtan (a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs) with Ayurvedic camphor (bhimseni camphor) can also be used. Other alternative products that one can use to treat the hair and increase the Sattva component in the hair and scalp include Ayurvedic oils, coconut oil, sesame oil, etc.
  • Commercial hair-dyeing products also contain chemicals that destroy the hair’s natural beauty and increase the black energy covering around us. Hence it is best to avoid dyeing one’s hair.
  • The type of hairstyle also attracts sattvik, rājasik or tāmasik vibrations. This can further aggravate the above-mentioned effects. We elaborate on this in further articles.

5. Conclusion

The beauty generated from man-made products is not long-lasting. By ignoring the natural beauty bestowed upon us by God and using Tama predominant products, we both incur losses at a spiritual level and our identification with our five senses, mind, and intellect increases. This means that we identify more with our body instead of our soul within.
By making beauty product choices that have spiritually beneficial effects, we help ourselves imbibe positive energy even through mundane actions of our daily life.