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Research on vibrations emitted by meat and wine using bio-feedback instruments


In our daily life we need to make numerous lifestyle choices that include diet, clothing etc. Man is benefited by the spiritual purity generated when making spiritually correct lifestyle choices. The influence of the Raja and Tama subtle basic components (excessive activity and ignorance) on him also reduces. The number of people following a spiritually pure lifestyle is on the decline in Kaliyug.Our choice for food and drink is also no exception to this. In this article we discuss the vibrations emitted by meat and wine. And through a comparative analysis we realize the importance of choosing food and drink that spiritually benefits us.

1. Spiritual effects of a non-vegetarian diet

Anatomical evidence proves that humans are meant to live on a vegetarian diet. The canine teeth in meat eating animals are long, sharp and curved compared to the canines of humans, which are short and blunt, and therefore not meant to bite through flesh. Our digestive systems are also not designed for eating non-vegetarian food. Moreover the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that eating meat can result in various diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and certain types of cancers. Vegetarianism is now being promoted by many medical doctors who claim that this diet provides optimum nutrition and guards against many diseases caused by non-vegetarian foods.

Spiritual research has shown that consuming a vegetarian diet is more beneficial than a non-vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diet is more sāttvik and has less Raja-Tama component than a non-vegetarian diet. Consuming a vegetarian diet results in imbibing Sattva predominant frequencies which are conducive for our spiritual progress.

Since a non-vegetarian diet has a greater component of Raja-Tama the person consuming such foods derives the Tama component from them, hence they are best avoided. A Tama predominant diet results in the creation of Tama predominant thoughts and brings out negative qualities like fear, anxiety, anger and aggressiveness. The balance of mind and intellect is lost and man becomes immoral.

2. Spiritual effects of alcohol consumption

The fact that the use of alcohol is so visible and accepted in the world that we live in has overshadowed the fact that alcohol is a substance that contributes to many medical, psychiatric, social, and family problems. Some of the psychological reasons that people drink alcohol include fear, guilt, escaping from responsibility, broken relationships, loss of prestige, financial loss and death of a loved one. From a spiritual perspective alcohol has the ability to attract negative energy. Alcohol is a Tama-Raja predominant drink. As a result, drinking alcohol reduces the sattvikta in that person and at the same time increases the subtle Tama component. This results in an increase in spiritual vulnerability and exposes the person to attacks from negative energies and sometimes even possession.

3. Analysis using biofeedback equipment

If one has an above average sixth sense ability, one can easily perceive spiritual vibrations, perceive whether an object is spiritually useful or not and accordingly make spiritually correct choices in life. Some types of biofeedback equipment such as the RFI (Resonant Field Imaging) and PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography: a bio imaging type of equipment) are able to pick up the vibrations around an object and display it in a visual format. This gives an average person the opportunity to visually see the aura or energy field of an object.

Click on this link for more information about PIP and its uses.

In this experiment we explored the vibrations emitted by meat and wine using scientific biofeedback instruments and compared them to the findings obtained by spiritual research.

In these tests we note down the changes that occurred in the environment due to an object. However, since the environment changes very often, we note down the recording (basic record) of the environment before an object is taken for testing. Hence, while testing the meat and alcohol, first the environmental readings without them were noted and then the objects of study were placed there and observations were noted again.

3.1 Results obtained with RFI (Resonant Field Imaging)

RFI’ record and its explanation

What was measured

Record (MHz)

1. Experiment of non-veg food (meat)

1A. Before


The frequency is dark blue, that is, it denotes positivity

1B. During


After a meat dish was placed, black negativity was visible.
2. Experiment of alcohol (wine)

2A. Before


The color of the frequency is navy blue which denotes positivity, but is less positive than blue.

2B. During


After alcohol was placed for the experiment, the frequency was blue, which denotes a positive change in the environment. (Note 1)

Note 1 : Upon analysing this RFI reading through advanced sixth sense, our research team found that this was not a true positive change but an illusion caused by negative energies through attraction of māyāvi (illusory) frequencies. Illusory frequencies are created by negative energies and make things appear falsely pleasant.

3.2 Results obtained with PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography)

Before: The first image we took was of the aura of the environment. Here orange represents vibrations of tension, green signifies positive energy and yellow with a golden tinge signifies high level of universal vibrations.

PIP before placing meat

In the aura of environment, there is yellow color denoting a high spiritual principle in the centre, orange color denoting stress is beside it and then the green color denoting positivity and momentum is visible.

PIP after placing meat

After meat was placed on the plate, the entire environment underwent change. The positivity indicating green color reduced and the negative orange color increased and it was attracted to the meat. The positive yellow color also reduced.

PIP before placing alcohol

In the aura of the environment, there is yellow color denoting high spiritual principle in the centre, orange color denoting stress is beside it and then the green color denoting positivity and momentum is visible.

PIP after placing alcohol

After alcohol was placed for the experiment, the negative orange color increased and its rings enveloped the glass of alcohol. Hence, the positive green ring moved away. Due to alcohol, the yellow color denoting high spiritual principle reduced.

4. Conclusions

  • Both non-vegetarian food and alcohol are Tama predominant

  • Meat attracts negative energy

  • Alcohol is capable of attracting illusory energy. Due to this, alcohol gave a falsely positive RFI reading

  • From the above observations it is apparent that due to consumption of meat and wine, man receives the negative distressing vibrations that are attracted to the meat and wine and his nature becomes tamasik (Tama-predominant).

The above scan and analysis was done with the help of Mr. Santosh Joshi (Universal Energy Researcher, Mumbai, India).

The above conclusions corroborate the findings of our spiritual research about various types of food and drinks.

SSRF appeals to scientists and experts in the field who can provide help on subjects like this from a scientific perspective.

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