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LEGACY – Hairstyles for Women

What hairstyle suits me?

A person’s hairstyle is quite often regarded as one of the more important aspects of his or her appearance. People invest a lot of time in hair care and asking themselves "What hairstyle suits me?". At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, through spiritual research we have found that the way we care for our hair and our hairstyle affects us at a spiritual level. Did you know that some common hairstyles can affect us either positively or negatively? For example, shampoo commercials, along with fashion and celebrity magazines around the world, have long promoted the glamorous look of women swishing their hair in front of the camera. These kinds of marketing messages have shaped the general perception of women that if one wants to look glamorous, one should leave one’s hair open. On the other hand, spiritually positive hairstyles such as wearing the hair in a bun or in plaits have lost popularity. By doing spiritual practice, we develop the ability to make spiritually correct decisions in life because we learn to perceive the spiritual impact of the different actions we take.


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Research articles

What hairstyle suits me? - Spiritual aspects

An introduction to how the way we care for our hair and our hairstyles has an effect on us at a spiritual level.

Hair down – spiritual effect of women leaving their hair loose

This article explains what happens at a spiritual level when women leave their hair down.

Why not to get dreadlocks

People from every walk of life, be it the music world or sports field, have opted to wear dreadlocks (matted coils of hair). Learn the spiritual effects of this common hairstyle here.

What hairstyle suits me - Hair left looseWhen hair tips are left exposed, negative energies use the void in the hair tips to cause distress.

Research suggested into what hairstyle suits me

Bun hairstyles and their spiritual benefits

Bun hair styles are the most beneficial from a spiritual standpoint. This article explains the spiritual benefit of this hairstyle for women.

What hairstyle suits me? - Bun
The bun hairstyle has the capacity to absorb and emit spiritually pure vibrations.

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