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LEGACY – How to Bathe in a Spiritual Way?

How to Bathe in a Spiritual Way?

Bathing is a practice universal to all cultures. People all over the world regularly wash their bodies for personal hygiene, for therapeutic or religious reasons, and also for recreation. Since people from many different places and cultures bathe, it is natural that various ways of bathing have been adopted worldwide. Using a bathtub is one common way to bathe in many parts of the world. In modern times due to our busy and hectic lifestyles, many of us also choose showering as a quick and convenient option. Some of us close our shower doors in quiet refuge, while others jump in and out quickly while getting ready for work. Showering under a spray of water has also developed the reputation of a relaxing and generally therapeutic activity. But what are the subtle effects and what is the best way to bathe in a spiritual way?

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Spiritual effects of showering while standing

For many of us, showering may seem like a time-saving, efficient and pleasant method of bathing. However, through spiritual research we found that it has both positive and negative effects at a spiritual level.

Spiritual effect of bathing in a bathtub

The practice of bathing in a bathtub may seem like a harmless way to maintain cleanliness and to also relax at the same time. However, through spiritual research, we found that bathing in a bathtub actually attracts negative energy and adversely affects the person who is bathing.

The spiritual effect of commercial shampoo

Apart from helping clean our outer appearance, do hair cleaning products such as shampoos impact us at a spiritual level?

Commercial shampooDo hair cleaning products such as shampoos impact us at a spiritual level?


Research suggested

Spiritual effect of bathing in a cross legged position

Understand from a spiritual perspective why bathing in a cross legged position is most beneficial for us at a spiritual level.

Cross legged positionBathing in a cross legged position allows us to imbibe the maximum Divine consciousness.

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