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Factors affecting the effectiveness of spiritual healing remedies

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

The factors affecting the effectiveness of a spiritual healing remedy are varied and depend on many aspects. The interplay between these various aspects is complex and the key underlying factor in the effectiveness of the spiritual healing is the person’s quality and quantity of spiritual practice. Only a person with highly advanced extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense can actually understand the role of each of the variables in a person’s problem.

The following are the various aspects:

Factors affecting healing

1. The affected person

A. Destiny of the person

The speed and extent of a person’s problem being healed depend on whether it is due to mild, medium or severe destiny. In case of severe destiny where one has to suffer for a stipulated period, the affected person may not get the thought to go for spiritual healing in the first place or it may be unavailable to him. Even if he is told he may be stubborn and say he doesn’t believe in it. Refer to the table on the effect of destiny on the possibility of being healed through various modes of spiritual healing.

B. Spiritual practice and spiritual level of the person

The spiritual level of a person and the spiritual practice they are doing are the single most important factors in deciding how much protection from God a person can access. Even if the spiritual level of the person is low God helps them overcome the problem if their desire for God-realisation is high as it may become an impediment to their spiritual practice. By overcome we mean either the problem gets taken away or minimized or the person gets the strength to bear it and is hence insulated from it.

Those of us who are doing spiritual practice that

  • conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice and
  • are progressively trying to increase spiritual practice

stand a better chance of getting benefit earlier, completely and permanently from the spiritual healing remedies.

C. Faith in the spiritual healing remedy

Those who have faith in the spiritual healing remedy benefit faster and more completely than those with less or no faith in it. However even those without faith do benefit from spiritual healing remedies, if not fully.

D. Regularity and intensity of doing the spiritual healing remedy

Regularity and intensity of doing the spiritual healing remedies decides the speed of healing.

E. How scientifically or accurately the spiritual healing remedy is done

If the spiritual healing remedy is not applied in a spiritually correct manner the effectiveness will reduce or even become negligible. This stresses the importance of studying the Spiritual science behind spiritual healing remedies and their proper application.

F. How soon the spiritual healing remedy is introduced after onset of the problem

The faster the spiritual healing remedy is introduced after the onset of the problem that has its root cause in the spiritual realm, the better will be the result.

G. Whether the spiritual healing remedy is taken up on one’s own or through guidance by a Saint

The same spiritual remedy yields far better results if advised by a Saint than if done on one’s own. This is because when advised by a Saint, His resolve is behind that spiritual healing remedy. Also after a Saint has advised a certain remedy, putting it into practice immediately has a major impact on its outcome.

H. Extent of the black energy covering around the affected person

The more the covering of black energy around the person, the longer will the spiritual healing remedy take to bear fruit. In fact initially the remedy works towards reducing the black covering so that the effect of the spiritual healing remedy can reach the person.

2. Causative factors

1. Strength of the affecting ancestor or ghost

If the strength of the affecting ancestor or ghost responsible for the problem is lower, the spiritual healing remedy will quickly and more completely cure the person of the problem. Thus one of the reasons a person may initially seem to be immune to a spiritual healing remedy could be because the strength of the affecting ancestor or ghost is high and so they can resist the effect of the spiritual healing remedy.

2. Single or multiple causative factors

If the problem is due to a single spiritual causative factor then the problem responds fairly well to the spiritual healing remedy. For example if a person having eczema due to distress due to ancestral problems starts chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’, the eczema may go away within a week as had happened in the case of an attendee in one of our workshops in Melbourne. But if the same case was to be complicated by an attack by ghosts, the spiritual healing remedy may not give such prompt results.

3. If the cause is entirely in physical or psychological dimension

If the cause of the problem is entirely in the physical or psychological dimension, the effect of the spiritual healing remedy may not be as dramatic as when the cause is in the spiritual realm. For example, a person having an addiction due to ancestral problems can experience freedom from addiction within a week as in the case of an attendee from our Dubai workshops. If his addiction was due to a physical or psychological cause, the resulting cure would not have been as dramatic.

However, all said and done, even if the cause is entirely in the physical and psychological realm, the spiritual healing remedy does give benefit to the person. It acts by enhancing the efficacy of the physical or psychological treatments. Also any black energy covering around the person is removed, thereby further adding to the person’s well being and response to the conventional treatments.

4. Whether causative factor affected once or is affecting continually

If the spiritual causative factor is only affecting the person once then the outcome of the spiritual healing remedy is faster and more complete with limited sittings. But if the causative factor is continuously affecting the person then the spiritual healing remedy also needs to be applied continuously for as long as the causative factor is active.

Consider the example of a person who has developed abnormal behavior after visiting a haunted house and being affected by the black energy there. He will benefit with a short course of a spiritual healing remedy.

But if he were to be possessed by a ghost in the haunted house and then developed abnormal behavior, then he would have to continue the spiritual healing remedy for a longer time for the symptoms of the problem to go away and a very long time indeed to do away with the possession.

3. Problem

1. Single or many problems

If the person has a single problem like eczema due to attack by a ghost, it will go away comparatively faster than if there were to be multiple problems like eczema with abnormal behavior etc.

2. Reversible or irreversible damage done

The speed and extent of effect of the spiritual healing remedy also depends on whether irreversible damage has been done or not. If, for example irreversible damage is done to a person’s kidney due to an attack by a ghost, then he will have to intensely undertake a higher level spiritual healing remedy. Reversal of damage to body organs is possible but one has to do intense spiritual practice along with a higher level spiritual remedy.

4. Spiritual healing remedy used

1. Type of spiritual healing remedy used

Spiritual practice conforming to the six basic principles of spiritual practice done regularly is the best spiritual healing remedy.

Among other spiritual healing remedies those pertaining to the higher cosmic elements yield results faster than those pertaining to the lower ones.

For example, the spiritual healing remedy of using scent corresponds to the most inferior cosmic element, i.e. the Absolute Earth element. This remedy is inferior to the remedy of salt water, which corresponds to the Absolute Water element.

2. Whether remedy used as per specific diagnosis or by random selection

 Application of a spiritual healing remedy after specific diagnosis of the causative factor gives faster and complete results. This is because with the use of highly advanced extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense we can specifically diagnose the exact causative factor or factors as well as the exact mechanism of action behind perpetration of the problem. This paves the way to the selection of the appropriate spiritual healing remedy. This gives speedy and more complete as well as permanent results. However, if one has taken up a particular spiritual healing remedy randomly or on one’s own it is less likely to be 100% effective. This is because the sixth sense of most people in society is undeveloped and hence an exact diagnosis of the causative factor is not possible. Consequently the appropriate spiritual healing remedy may not be found. Even so, just by applying a spiritual healing remedy, we improve our chances of alleviating our problem.

3. Use of single or multiple remedies

Spiritual healing remedies give more benefit when used collectively. For example applying Holy ash (Vibhuti), doing the salt water remedy and chanting the Name of God will give better results than doing any of these remedies alone.

4. Availability of substances used for spiritual healing remedy

Availability of all requisite and authentic substances needed for the remedy ensures better results. For example for the spiritual healing remedy of cow urine (gomutra), use of fresh cow urine from a non-hybrid cow would give better results.

5. Strength of substances used for remedy

The efficacy of the spiritual healing remedy used is also decided by the purity and strength of the substances used for the spiritual healing remedy. For example if Holy ash is used as the spiritual healing remedy, the Holy ash obtained by burning an SSRF incense stick at the altar would be stronger than that obtained through other incense sticks burned at the altar.

6. Extent of black covering (avaran) on substances used for remedy

All the substances used for the spiritual healing remedies like Holy ash, Holy water etc. develop a covering of Raja-Tama if kept in a Raja-Tama environment. In addition, the ghosts in the premises or the ghost affecting the person can create a covering of their black energy over them. In both instances, the efficacy of the spiritual healing substances is very much reduced. Hence care has to be taken to keep the substances in a sattvik environment such as the altar, and away from Raja-Tama influences like being in contact with other affected persons etc. Also it is advisable to take measures for purification of these substances before every use in spiritual healing. This can be done simply by praying to God to purify it or by sprinkling diluted cow urine or Holy water etc.

5. Spiritual healer

1. Spiritual level and strength of the healer

It is essential that all healers practicing spiritual healing remedies have a minimum spiritual level of 50%. At this level dissolution of the mind has begun and hence the healer begins to access the Universal Energy of the will (Icchashakti). As he has access to this subtle-energy, his spiritual healing capacity is very much enhanced.

On the other hand those healers below the 50% spiritual level in addition to having minimal spiritual healing capabilities also run the risk of being possessed by higher level ghosts. Hence those availing of their services also run the risk of being affected or possessed by the possessing entity.

In a spiritual healing remedy such as blowing of Holy ashwhere an inanimate object like Holy ash is used only 5% of the effectiveness of the spiritual healing remedy is attributed to the object, i.e. the Holy ash in this example. 95% of the effectiveness depends on the healer blowing the Holy ash.

2. Knowledge and understanding of the healing

Sometimes healers have inherent spiritual healing ability or they learn spiritual healing techniques from a parent or guide. If this is not backed by sound knowledge and understanding of the Spiritual science behind the remedies in particular and spiritual healing in general, then the spiritual healing capacity of the healer becomes largely limited.

3. Subtle sensory and motor ability

Healers with higher subtle sensory ability are able to diagnose the problem as well as the causative factor better. (Refer to The depth of ability to perceive paranormal activity with our sixth sense) This helps basically by exposing the causative entity, which puts it on the defensive. It also helps to plan the specific spiritual healing remedy better.

Healers with higher subtle motor ability are able to take on higher level ghosts and successfully overpower them.

4. Grace of a spiritual guide

The spiritual healing remedy done by a healer who has acquired the grace of a Guru or Saint gives faster and more complete results than the same remedy done by a healer with the same experience and spiritual level but without the grace of a Guru or Saint. This is because the healer with the grace of a Guru or Saint has the backing of divine power. Hence his healing powers are much enhanced.

 5. Possession by higher level ghost can enhance healing

Sometimes the healer is himself possessed by a higher level ghost like a subtle-sorcerer (mantrik). This is most likely to happen when

  • the spiritual level of the healer is less than 50%
  • the healer is carried away by trappings of fame, power and money
  • the healer functions on his own without the supervision of a Saint or Guru
  • the healer attempts to heal or exorcise ghosts of higher strength than his spiritual strength.

In such cases the healers may appear to give better results than their own capacity. This may seem to be an asset, but actually the possessing ghost deposits lots of black energy in the affected person with the guise of alleviating the problem.

6. Other factors

1. Sattvikta of the premises

A spiritual healing remedy done in sattvik premises gives results faster and better as no energy is lost in overcoming the Raja-Tama in the environment. Hence it is advisable to remove all Raja-Tama influences in the house and to take measures for the purification of the house.

2. Life style of the person

A sattvik person derives the benefit of the spiritual healing remedy much faster than when the same remedy is applied by a non-sattvik person having the same problem.

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