World War 3 is coming – are you prepared?

World War 3 is coming - are you prepared?

Blog updated on 22 March, 2016

World Wars have begun when there has been some instability among nations and we never know which incident can set off a chain of events culminating in many nations going to war. For example, when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated in Jun 1914, it became the catalyst for World War 1. Hitler invading Poland pushed the world into World War 2. Millions of people lost their lives and humanity saw its barbaric side with levels of genocide that was hitherto unthinkable in the modern era.

Once again, history repeats itself, the instability in the environment around the world is on the rise with many regions on edge. Yet this time around there are many countries with nuclear weapons capability and so the stakes are much higher. In recent months we have been witness to a rise in random terrorist attacks and conflicts all over the world like the ones given below.

There have been approximately 256 terror attacks reported in 2014 and 386 terror attacks in 2015. In 2016 we are again off to a flying ominous start with 219 terror attacks being reported in just 3 months up to the Brussels airport bombing on 22 Mar 2016.

When Event


Many dead in Brussels airport terror attack


Ankara Bombing 37 dead 125 injured


Paris shootings and bombings, 153 dead, over 350 injured


Ankara bombings, 102 dead over 400 injured


Gunmen stormed the Garissa University College in Garissa, Kenya, killing 147 people and injuring 79 or more


Increase in European migrant crisis


2015 Sana’a mosque bombings, Sana’a, Yemen


Bardo National Museum attack, Tunis, Tunisia


Mass shooting, spree shooting, at the “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression”, Copenhagen, Denmark


Charlie Hebdo shooting, Paris France


Baga massacre, Baga, Borno State, Nigeria


Peshawar school massacre, Peshawar, Pakistan


Sydney cafe siege, Sydney, Australia


Bombing and stabbing, crowded market place, Xinjiang, China


Hatchet attack on policemen, Queens, New York, USA


Shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Apr 2013 – Current

Rise of ISIS and the conflict in Iraq

Nov 2013 –  Current

The Ukraine Crisis and Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation

May 2011- Current

Syrian Crisis

The writing is on the wall, that these terrible events show no sign of lessening but are in fact increasing. With some sort of attack being reported everyday on innocent civilians, women and children included, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that something is terribly amiss in the world. Higher level Saints in India have said that things will get far worse before they get better. Such terror will find its way into our streets, our shopping centres, affect our families, our communities and our way of life. All of us will be affected in some way or the other. These seemingly random events are linked and are but the warning signs heralding the onset of World War 3. The stage is now set; any one of these incidents could become the tipping point for the start of next World War, where weapons of mass destruction will most likely be used.

What most people don’t know is that this behaviour is not entirely our own, but that some of us are controlled by powerful negative energies. These subtle forces of evil will possess men and make them commit the worst of crimes against their fellow men.

If this were not bad enough, forces of nature will unleash unprecedented destruction in the form of natural disasters. Pandemics such as the Ebola virus outbreak and swine flu will be widespread. Needless to say there will be extreme shortages of the basics, such as food, medical supplies and clean water. This blog has not been written to instil fear but to warn people of the imminent danger so that they can do something about it.

If one really wants to survive these terrible times, it is important that God should feel like saving you, because in truth it is only the grace of God that can save us. The purpose of life is to grow spiritually, and when one makes earnest efforts to do so, he or she is known as a seeker and comes under the benevolent gaze of the Divine. God feels that the seeker is His and accordingly removes obstacles so that he or she may make the best use of their life, which is, to grow spiritually. If there is to be a terrorist attack nearby, then God himself gives the thought to the seeker to stay away from that place thus protecting and shielding him from the terrible event. Spiritual growth can only be achieved through regular spiritual practice. However for it to be effective it needs to conform to the six basic principles of spiritual practice. For seekers, and those sitting on the fence thinking about whether they should start spiritual practice, the message from Saints is, “It is now or never, practice Spirituality and live to see the Divine Kingdom unfold from 2023 onwards.”

If you want to know more about predictions of the coming times do read through our section on global issues, our article on World War 3 and our article on what we can do about the the coming World War:

The world has been experiencing an unprecedented increase in the severity of global issues.

A global issue of utmost importance for all humanity, World War 3 is approaching at a fast pace.

Here is some practical information on what each of you can do to help the situation.

If you have any questions about World War 3 or in general, please contact us using our ask a question facility.

Blog Post by Sean Clarke

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  • dear,you can tell about the corona virus, how it will end, because people are afraid of another virus after this

  • Dear, history repeats itself, this war that follows is the Mahabharata war described in the ancient Vedas.
    also,in the article on Sanatan Sanstha is said,world war 3 will be global nuclear war,also after ww3 the will begin hindu rashtra ?
    what mean: hindu rashtra ?

    • Dear Cesar, What is meant by Hindu Rashtra is that majority will understand and start to practice Hindu principles. Hindu is an attitude, a way of life, Hindu means in Sanskrit ‘Hinani Gunani dushyati eti Hindu’ the one who is making efforts to reduce the spiritually impure components (Raja-Tama) and to increase spiritually pure component (that is Sattva) by the means of actively doing spiritual practice for spiritual progress is Hindu. So, it is beyond religion. Here, religion, caste, colour doesn’t matter. So, situation and environment will be more favourable for the majority to practice spiritually. Hope this helps. Please read about Sattva-Raja- Tama in this article,
      Warm regards
      SSRF Team

  • s there any confirmation what year the nuclear weapons will be used?

    • Dear Luka, You will find the details of it in the article on coronavirus on SSRF website,
      This is from the article:
      There are many predictions from world leaders and the medical community about how long this coronavirus outbreak will continue. However, what is more, pertinent is that this pandemic is just the beginning of a series of events (which include natural and man-made disasters) that will plague humanity over the next 4 years. The period will culminate in the 3rd World War. From 2024 onwards the new era will start. While the world will be dealing with unprecedented levels of destruction and loss of life both from climate change and the 3rd World War – it will almost be like a reset button has been pressed for humanity giving us a second chance to make a better world.
      Hope this helps.
      Warm regards
      SSRF Team

  • Namaskar,

    I’m doing and also advising other people about the spiritual practices and techniques given by SRF , thank you for the valuable info. Also practicing Spiritual guidelines and practices given by other great gurus like Mahavatar Babaji and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. I’m practicing them from many years. we also have a linga bhairavi yantra which is helping us to do daily sadhana.

    I’m doing a job in IT sector and because of the job I’m unable to dedicate more time on spiritual practices, after reading articles from this site I’m thinking that doing spiritual practices is the first priority than anything in life.

    From past few months I have bee watching Mahabharath too, Krishna says that whole destruction in Kuruskshetra war is to recreate new life so that everyone can understand what is dharma and spirituality. so Im seeing the same situation now in our current world too.


  • ww3 starts in 2020 to 2023. India in ww3 half population will perish

  • goodmorning
    the Third World War is already under way, Predictions by Nostradamus, a renowned seer from France also indicate that World War 3 will take place. Various sources have interpreted Nostradamus’ predictions and have inferred that World War 3 will be so terrible that first two World Wars will seem like child’s play, also,world war 3 will be global nucear war ?
    warm greetings.

  • After World War 3, will be peace between all the countries or nations in the world

  • hi,
    lord kalki will take part in the third world war,and the era of satyug begins ?
    world war 3 will end with nuclear apocalypse ?
    all people from all nations should unite together in prayer.

  • Shubhampreet Singh

    Hi SSRF, your predictions seem to be coming true, because nobody had expected these times before start of CoronaVirus Pandemic. Even astrology is pointing towards the same thing, CoronaVirus will probably not be the end of it, according to Vedic astrology we will have multiple eclipses until September 2020,three of which are happening just in June 2020 only(1 Solar and 2 Lunar) and the planets which are in combination are creating multiple malefic yogs(possibilities) from death/assassination of some major world leader to shortage of food supply in world to some trouble coming from water, and rahu and ketu(known as nodes in western astrology) will also have significant impact during this time and their combination usually cause Violence and Wars. Now will all these things happen, maybe or maybe not, because astrology is a tool, we don`t know which Yogs will actually play out. But one thing is certain that bad times haven`t ended yet. Now does this mean we should be scared, nope because negativity will drag us in opposite direction as a matter of fact we should ramp up our spiritual practice, and those who haven`t started yet should start chanting maybe even by 5 Min a day.

  • who are the differences about 3 world war and nuclear war
    after the third world war nothing will be the same

  • greetings
    I have been doing spiritual practice for almost 10 years and
    many saints say that the third world war is coming and if the second world war ended with the use of the atomic bomb, the third world war will start with the atomic bomb and whether the third world war will have two phases, an ordinary war and a nuclear war

  • dear,The struggle between good and evil ends in 2025 and will again reignite before the destruction of this universe,after the destruction of this universe a new one will be created again and then religion will reappear.
    whether with the arrival of avatar kalki will end all evil and when he should appear?

  • Ww3 starts in jully 2020. Ww3 from 2020 to 2023. God krishna returned. He cleanse the earth. Ww3 starts from iran. God krishna(supreme god) lives in tehran. India in ww3 half population will perish.

  • what mean, dear :There is a significant time for Lord Kalki Avatar to happen.

  • hi, dear,
    lord kalki avatar will participate in the third world war ?

  • Shubhampreet singh

    Hi, I want to ask if we as seekers can resolve continuously to improve the environment. For example after chanting and getting into meditative state I strongly resolve about rays of paramshanti(supreme peace) and paramlight(supreme light) from highest nirgun(non form) GOD raging across all earth plane making all souls on earth experience paramshanti and converting all 5 tatvas(5 Absolute Cosmic Elements) into paramtatvas(Supreme Elements), while doing so they are also decimating all negative vibrations of War and COVID-19. With it I also try to resolve that all of spiritual energy that is within me after chanting is now used up in this resolve. Will this help us as Seekers who can`t right now physically do anything to spread spirituality to at least have some effect on surrounding, of course I`m not at all a Saint or Guru whose resolve can alone change the world, but something is better than nothing, right? Should i continue doing this? Can this be considered little bit of samshati sadhna(spiritual practice for others)?

    • Dear Shubhampreet Singh, we can understand your desire to help samashti in this manner. Here the intension is good. You may have read in this article,
      That unless, we are at higher spiritual level like 70% and above, the resolve doesn’t turn into reality. In current situation, what will help more is focused efforts on Chanting the Name of God, Chanting Name suggested for prevention of Corona Virus, and making efforts of Personality defects removal and Awakening spiritual emotion as much as possible. At, our levels, we have expectations, negative emotions, so the resolve will not be strong enough. Making consistent efforts will help increase the spiritual level and we will be in a better spiritual and psychological states to face the ongoing situation for self and also help others. God knows our desire and our intension.
      Seekers are getting help in their spiritual practice from SSRF’s ongoing Online spiritual events and workshops, attending some of these will help in receiving Chaitanya, Spiritual healing as well as motivation for making more efforts, in case you wish to register, here is the link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • dear , world war 3 and nuclear world war 3 are two different wars

  • thank you for patiently answering all my questions.

  • is there any confirmation what year the nuclear weapons will be used?

    some astrologer said it will be used in 2021 and that war will start in august 2020. i know the ww3 already started in 2015 according to ssrf. you said ww3 will end in year 2023. does this mean the weapons will be used either in late 2022 or sometime in 2023? I think when they are used the war will come to end within weeks if not days obviously.

    it’s okay if you can’t answer but i was just curious. i am trying to do hour and half of spiritual practice everyday. thank you for the motivation and encouragement in these last days before the collapse of the kali yuga.

    • Dear Kris, It is very nice that you are trying to do spiritual practice every day. If you wish, you can also send your questions to the log in section of the website, under’ Ask a question facility’ Nuclear weapons will be used towards the end of the war. More important is to keep the focus on daily efforts and making efforts to develop spiritual emotion. Just wondering, if you attend any of the SSRF’s online events and Weekly satsangs? These help keep consistency and give correct direction to our efforts.
      You can see all the online events organised in coming few days on this link,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Dear ssrf

    couple years back i got a email from your ssrf representative telling which year exactly we can expect nuclear weapons will be used. does that prediction still stand? I am just curious.

    you can tell answer to my email if u want. If u dont want to share again that is okay. I follow your site closely and take your articles very seriously including the chanting and daily spiritual practice.

    • Dear Kris, All the information that is there is given in the article on WW3 that you have already read. You may continue with your efforts of spiritual practice and spiritual healing and can increase efforts to develop spiritual emotion.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • when will corona virus come to an end? People are saying this may last until september and some say hear and half. Also is it possible that god is using this virus rather than ww3 to cleanse way for satya yuga? when will this horrible virus end? are we still on track for ww3 or has plan changed? I hope a new article comes out soon with updated timeline.

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