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  • SIR. I WANT A LECHER ANTENNA Can u plz try to contact me

    • Dear Vikas,
      It is good to hear from you. SSRF Center will not be the right place to enquire about this antenna. There surely will be other places you can enquire. In case you have any questions about the spiritual practice or spiritual research, you have an option to post it in ‘Log in section’.
      We have a dedicated team of seekers ready to answer all your questions on our Ask a question facility. They will answer within 48 hours of you posting your question.
      To use this facility, you can register on the site here:
      Once you register and login you can ask your questions here:
      Please let us know if you have any problems registering or with using our Ask a question facility. We look forward to being in touch with you :).
      In gratitude,

  • Priestess Capricious

    My boyfriend has a dark entity attached to him. I know now, it’s a subtle sorcerer….its escalating…can it be trapped in a bottle? Help.

  • I have been suffering from disc degenerate from past 5 years and the pain is not going ,along with that I am not able to sleep at night and whenever I sleep for second I see horrible dreams .I want your help to get out if this I stay in allahabad.

    • Dear Neha,
      Welcome to SSRF. We can understand your situation. You will read more in the article, that in case of all our life’s suffering spiritual root cause is 80% responsible. Our regular spiritual practice based on spiritual principles helps reduce the influence of these spiritual factors. You can read more here,
      It is nice that you have sent your question to blog. There is also a facility to register the website and ask questions in the login section. we have a dedicated team of seekers ready to answer all your questions on our Ask a question facility. They will answer within 48 hours of you posting your question.
      To use this facility, you can register on the site here:
      Once you register and login you can ask your questions here:

      Please let us know if you have any problems registering or with using our Ask a question facility. We look forward to being in touch with you :).
      In gratitude,
      SSRF Team

  • I would like a psychic reading for me, thanks.

    • Dear Ransome Reuben, In SSRF this is not done, instead if you wish to know about spiritual practice that is benefecial in current times, do let us know.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Hello
    I need to have a meeting over skype or any other software possible with one of ssrf seekers with high spiritual knowledge to see our family problems which is causing lots of problems to us.I sent and e-mail about 5 years ago to ssf and you suggested me and my family must chant the Shri gurudev data for 6 hours a day which none o us can’t do that unfortunately.And unfortunately i can not travel to india to meet ssrf team,so i am asking you dearly please make a meeting to us ,i am one of ssrf seekers and believers.

    • Dear Keivan, Welcome to SSRF once again. We can understand your situation. When we face problems due to distress from ancestors, the remedy of Chanting Shree Gurudev Datta is very helpful and most important that we, the family members need to do the chanting. If not 6 hours, you can consider chanting as much as possible. You can download the chant from this link, and keep it running on the computer in low volume day and night,
      Seekers have an option to come for satsangs, spiritual meetings held on a weekly basis to clarify their questions about spirituality and get direction to spiritual practice. As such one on one meeting is not held in SSRF. You can register for the orientation Satsang on this link,
      Along with the chanting of Shree Gurudev Datta, what can help is also to start a regular spiritual practice that helps increase spiritual strength and helps reduce the impact of destiny in our lives. If you can attend the weekly satsangs it will help you sustain these efforts in spiritual practice. Please read more about the importance of Satsang here,
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Dear Friends,

    Further to our previous communications and cooperation, I am to inform you that recently thee was break trough in scientific research that was of our interest, so it was like a missing link that we were waiting for, and it helped us to wrap up and present almost complete theoretical presentation of Bio-energy Therapy/ Healing, therefore previously discussed gut feeling/ sixth sense, and meditation, together with so called mystical phenomena like astral projection, multidimensional interactions, therefore NDE and many others….

    Here under is link to Global Dialogue Foundation/ Bio-energy science Pres Release regarding the same

    Good Luck
    May Peace Prevail on Earth

    Yours Sincerely


    Dr. Vasko M. Najodvski
    GDF Founder

    • Dear Dr Vasko M. Najodvski, We are happy to receive the updates. We will share these with SSRF research team.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Hello SSRF Family
    I have a question. One of my ancestors, whose name and generation is not known, but seems, as told, to be in around 10 generations, is said to practice Yantra, Mantra, Tantra and with these things, he used to treat the people oppressed by unseen forces. He is also said and believed to use Masani to treat the patients of severe problems.
    My this ancestral fellow died unnatural death or to say Akal Mrityu.
    Now, under his bloodline, there are many known incidents of unnatural death, miscarriage, accidents, mental disturbances and other similar problems and on queries done from exorcists from here & there, these so many problems coming in the descendants’ lives are told to be due to this guy. And this fellow does not come in front of anyone to let know what he wants.
    One of the exorcist, who is a muslim medium, when contacted on account of the above problems being faced by myself, has told that he has talked with this ancestor and this ancestor says he is annoyed because we are not honouring him. When asked how to honour him, then he told to honour him by worshiping our kuldevi. Further action/instructions will be given lateron, when we ask for further queries from him.
    Whether he is in certain bondage due to the occult activities, as is said that an occult practicer, especially the one who has died unnatural death, has to face bondage and consequences in the shape of unnatural death, miscarriage, accidents, mental disturbances and other similar problems to his descendants.
    Now, the question is this that –
    Whether he gives pain to his descendants due to himself being in bondage because of his misdeeds and he wants us to do something to get out of bondage or this is the problem with such ancestral spirits that they give pain to their descendants, being ghosts.
    Why does he want to adopt a specific belief system or worship pattern. How, one can do this because every person has a choice of his own and especially in the case when one finds on research a better belief pattern for his spiritual upliftment.
    On reading one of your articles- spiritual help we can provide them for their relief and ourselves also, I have come to know that we can be relieved from distress caused by our ancestors by chanting Lord Deity Datta’s Name. If with this, one will be only relieved and he would not have complete remedy, then what is its benefit of this chanting when one cannot find complete resolution. Is there not any permanent remedy for the annoyed ancestors i.e the remedy with which they may be released from bondage permanently and we may also be relieved from the pains/consequences we are facing. I want to let you know that in our family, we have faced so many accidents, certain miscarriages, loss of money, mental disturbance etc. Further, I want to know, how one can chant other deity’s name when he has adopted certain belief pattern. I have adopted a Christian belief and I have also observed/known that one is not supposed to adopt different religious/worship patterns at a time, because it does not give any result to anyone, as one would have no complete reliance on a certain deity. And when there is not found any infirmity/misunderstanding/delusion/fallasy in the adopted belief pattern or in the deity and on so much research, it is found to be of superlative degree and with reliance on this deity, I have corrected myself in so many things and on prayer requests, I have found so many things/reliefs from the Lord Christ Jesus and in his name with his grace & mercy, I am content in trying my best in living an honest life in his name. You may say on this, as certain other persons say when talking on the issue – when the belief pattern/deity adopted by me is OK, then why I am facing so much problems and with this they intend to say that the belief pattern/deity adopted itself is not OK and I should leave it.
    With my above narrations, you would have known my problem and give me your answer.
    Though, as told above, I believe in Lord Christ, still I am optimist in anticipation of any good reply/instruction/remedy of my problem coming from your side, so that I may be able to do something to relieve my ancestors, who are my bloodline. I will be much happier in relieving my ancestors first and then myself.

    Thanking you.

    With Regards

    (Hari Nand)

  • sir hum ghar ka sahbhi 6 log bhut preat bhadha sa pidit hai ghar ke neach se kida aur chiti demak nekalte hai ghar ke sabhi sadasy pat ki bimariyo se grasit rahte hai sharire main alas bana rahta hai khana khane ka maan nai karta aur sharir ki eanergy nikal li jati hai paiso ka nuksan bahut hota hai rishtadar bhi hum logo se bhaut nafrat karta hai aur raat ko need nahi ati hai krapya hama iska upaye jarur bataye .

  • Dear Sir/Mam,
    I came across this site after much search but still could not locate your official address & contact details , kindly provide if any.l tried to login but could not as your site was not accepting my official password kindly guide how to login.
    I am spiritually inclined from quite sometime but just could not make the right kind of elevation I would have wanted to. Now after seeing your site I want to get in touch with you in person, as I& my family are suffering from the problem that had been mentioned in this site of yours & I am sure you can cure us out of it.
    With Regards,
    Baldevkrishan Rig Nayar.

    • Dear Baldevkrishan, A warm welcome to SSRF site. The main intention behind providing knowledge about various aspects of Spirituality is to helps seekers in their spiritual practice and their efforts to overcome spiritual root causes of problems. SSRF advocates self-healing and spiritual practice that brings long-lasting protection. You may want to start spiritual practice with these three simple steps given in the article,
      We would suggest to focus presently more on the chant regarding departed ancestors and to do it as per your capacity, with the intention to increase slowly within a month or two to 2-4 hours of daily chanting. Since chanting is done in the mind, it can be done any time and everywhere, so it is manageable.
      In case you are not attached to your religion of birth, we suggest that you do a Universal chant of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya as this chant is most conducive for seekers until the year 2023. This chant also helps with all types of negative energies as protection and fighting force.
      Along with chanting, please also do spiritual healing remedies such as the salt water remedy, sleeping in the east-west direction, and also box treatment for the beginning. These remedies remove negative black energy and clean us on a subtle level. Here is the link to Salt-water remedy,
      The other remedies you will find on the spiritual healing section of the Website.
      About the obstacle to creating the login, we will ask the tech team and come back to you.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Hi! Kudos SSRF team! I am very glad to be connected with you! May SSRF gt more worldwide recognition! Stay blessed!

    • Dear Tasneem, We are happy and grateful that you find the SSRF website and knowledge beneficial. The aim of the website and SSRF is to help seekers in their spiritual journey and increase understanding of subtle dimension. If you wish, you may share the links to the articles with your friends and colleagues. When you will experience changes in self due to starting spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies you can share them with is on log in section.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • your place to send questions in your pag web dont work¡ me have a question for yours
    catolic mass (misa in spanish) work to fix ancestral problems? thanks for tour response

    • Dear Frank, For you to send questions to Log in section, you may first register yourself with two simple steps then you can post your questions on the section for ‘asking questions’ About your question about Catholic mass, SSRF will not be able to comment on it, in case you wish to consider working on ancestral problem we recommend chanting the specific name which is a spiritual prescription chant of Sree Gurudev Datta, you can download it from this link on the website,
      If you have a question like I am Christian how can I chant this name, we have shared the science in below article,
      Hope this helps.
      Warm Regards
      SSRF Team

  • Namaste

    In the past 1-3 years household fly (makkhi) has increased in many parts of our country as much as I have noticed. Is my observation right ? And if yes, any special reason for this ?


  • Let the world know that Yoga-Meditation- Ayurveda started from Nepal. Long later, Hindus of India learned the Vedic culture from Nepal.
    TUSHITA NEPAL (The School of Life)

  • Chanting lord datta mantra has vanished my mouth ulcer. Secondly when I started chanting lord datta mantra during night sleep at bed time, I experienced somebody came to me and awake me during deep sleep. Can u explain me what is this who awakened me in my deep sleep.

  • dauda musideen ayinde

    I don’t know where to start from, but first I thank God I found this site. The information there is very helpful, it explains a lot of things in a clear and lucid style. I tried one of the salt cleansing solutions and voila, I felt better. For years, negative energies have been troubling my life. I was told by some prophet that, someone in my father purposefully spelled me, but all solutions I got worked temporarily. Though I felt better with practising the info on this site but I will still write your support, cos I have a lot of personal things to share. Thanks once again SSRF, may continue to bless your good healing work.

    • Dear Ayinde,

      Welcome to SSRF.
      We are very glad and grateful to see that you are benefiting from our site.
      Indeed, regular spiritual practice and self-healing remedies are the only permanent solution to overcome any problems spiritual in nature. If you need any help in your spiritual practice, please write to our login facility and seekers will surely be glad to assist you.

      Warm regards,
      SSRF team

  • سلام. اينجانب به علت ژنتيك خانوادگي هم از طرف مادري وهم از طرف پدري استرس واضطراب شديد داريم متاسسفانه استرس واضطراب من خيلي شديده كه الان نزديك 6 ماه من افسردگي گرفتم خوشبختانه تقريبا آدم منطقي ومذهبي هستم با ذكر درماني افسردگيم غلبه كردم اما بعضي موقع فكرهاي منفي مشغولم ميكنه وعذابم مي دهد وپسرم هم كه 8سالش هست استرس شديد ترس از تاريكي حتي نمي تونه تنهايي شب بره دستشويي تنهايي نمي تونه بخوابي حتما بايد با من بخوابه استرسي پسرم هم رو حيه من تاثير گذاشته در ضمن من در اينترنت جستجو مي كردم با سايت شما آشنا شدم مي خواستمبرنامه آموزشي وتمرين ذكر را مي خواستم لطف كنيد راهنمايي كنيد با تشكر

  • رویا ایمن زاده

    سلام خسته نباشید سایتتون رو خوندم فقط بعضی نوشته هاتون ترجمه نیست منم متاسفانه زبان انگلیسیم ضعیفه. درهر حال مرسی از زحماتتون.رویا

    • رویای عزیز

      خیلی خوشحالیم که سایت ما را خواندید و از آن بهره مند شدید :). در واقع سالکان ما در حال ترجمه ی مقالات هستند. امیدواریم بزودی مقالات فارسی بیشتری منتشر شود.

      با احترام
      گروه اس اس آر اف

  • Syed Shafiullah

    Respected Sir
    I suffering from depression last 20 years I used many Medicine but I not ok. Now I searched you thru net I am so happy to look your site. whole family have problem my tongue becom black and pan over body help me about this please I will be very thankful for your kind response.

    • Dear Syed.

      Welcome to our site. Do not worry, there is a solution.

      Please share this question through our login facility as then we will give detailed answer to you. You can register and write here.

      SSRF team

  • ThanksSSRF. Aup ke notes se sare prashn hal ho rahe hai .thanks Ssrf. Hindi me aupka research is best.

  • dear sir,
    iam living in india state karnataka iwanted to purchace spritual incense sticks but in your web site indian ruppes is not mentioned kindly provid prices in ,indian ruppes. My Mail id is

    • Dear Rajesh,

      You can calculate (convert) dollars into rupees and see the amount. If you have some of the mentioned cards to buy products, then there should be no problems.

      SSRF team

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