Vaijanti Mala - 108 beads



Vaijanti Mala - 108 beads

This Vaijanti Mala (literal meaning 'garland of victory') is made from natural Vaijanti seeds and used for chanting. The Mala comes along with a pouch made of cotton & silk so that it can be carried along with you.

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Height: 55.8 cms
Weight: 32 gms (along with the pouch)
Year of publication: 2017

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Like in the olden days, this Vaijanti Mala is hand made by seekers from natural greyish white seeds of the Vaijanti plant, thus imbibing lot of positivity. The mala is used for keeping count while chanting, reciting, or mentally repeating a mantra so that the mind can focus on the mantra rather than counting. The mala has 108 similar beads each knotted in place, plus a centre bead that marks the beginning and end of the mala. The most dominant Divine Principle in Vaijanti mala is of Shri Krishna as well as Shri Ram.

Care: Please treat the Mala with respect and care. Keep it in a sattvik place after each use. The beads may be wiped occasionally to remove dirt.