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Infographic – Meaning of Namaste

Did you know that the way we greet each other has a spiritual impact on us as well as on the other person and the environment? We have found that greeting with “Namaste” or “Namaskar” is the most spiritually positive greeting posture. Learn more about the meaning and benefits of “Namaste” in this infographic.

Please visit our article on the meaning of Namaste for more detailed information.

Note for blogs and websites: Feel free to embed the Infographic on your website/blog. Just make sure to use the embed code which is underneath this article. The size of the infographic in pixels is 735 width X 1387 length.

Download this infographic

This infographic is also available in A3 poster format (297mm length X 420mm width). Download it for free.

If you wish to contribute: If you wish to help spread awareness about the spiritual benefits of Namaste, you can print and offer this poster to someone whom you know may be willing to display it in a public place (for example: a yoga studio, a spiritual shop, a wellness center etc.).

Best settings for printing:
Size: Actual Size, A3
Paper: coated, 90–120 g/m2

Note: The Spiritual Science Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to spreading awareness about the Spiritual dimension and to help seekers of God in their spiritual journeys. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation does not seek monetary gain in this endeavour and any costs charged are minimal with the aim of covering expenditures. In line with this principle, this infographic is available free of cost and is not to be sold for monetary gain.

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