Topic: Orientation satsang

Via Skype
06 Aug 2017 12 PM - 1:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Other Time Zones (24 hour time format)


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    Some Guidelines

    1. Prior registration is required for joining the Satsang.

    2. Please do not initiate a call to SSRF as we will be calling you. Send us a chat message instead.

    3. Late participants will not be allowed to join the Satsang.

    4. Participants are encouraged to actively participate in each session to obtain the maximum benefit from the Satsang.

    5. Please ensure that your mikes are working. In the event of a technical problem you could interact using Skype chat.

    6. Please keep your mikes on mute throughout the Satsang unless you are speaking.

    7. Questions related to the topic of the day will be given priority over other questions.

    8. Practical questions which will help in your spiritual practice are encouraged, rather than intellectual, theoretical ones.

    9. The objective of these SSRF Skype Satsangs is to guide those curious, who have desire for spiritual growth and God-realization, and to take them ahead on their spiritual journey.

    10. We welcome you to join the Satsang!