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A case of uncontrollable and sustained coughing caused due to demonic possession

  • Introduction: This is another example of the myriad ways ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) can affect people.
  • Event: In the first week of June 2007, we were witness to an episode of severe sustained coughing in the SSRF aashram in Goa, India . A young seeker in the Arts section suddenly started coughing continuously. The cough was dry and harsh. It racked his entire body and caused him to roll around on the bed. It continued for hours without stopping for even a moment. The coughing was so loud, it could be heard in adjacent rooms.
  • Medical examination: There was no precipitating or contributing physical factor. His medical examination did not reveal any signs of physical illness. The cough did not respond to cough suppressants. Effort to relieve him of the distress by sedating him failed even after he was given 10 mg. of Diazepam, a sedative and tranquilizer.
  • Spiritual diagnosis: Seekers from the subtle department of SSRF with a highly advanced sixth sense perceived that it was caused by a ghost. The ghost had implanted 2 subtle diagrams (yantra) in his Anahat-chakra (Heart centre) which kept pulsating black energy and generating the cough.
  • Recovery: The cough would subside after spiritual healing remedies were performed on him but would come up again after a few hours. This went on for three days. The coughing stops only after spiritual healing remedies are done.
  • Comment: Spiritual research has uncovered that a yantra placed by a ghost can constantly pulsate black energy to bring about various repetitive involuntary movements such as shivers, hiccups, cough, etc.

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