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Frequently asked questions


1. About the Spiritual Science Research Foundation

1.1 What is the mission/objective of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation?

The mission of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation is:

  1. To educate society about the spiritual dimension and how it affects our lives.
  2. To provide tools for people to:
    • Understand and experience the spiritual dimension
    • Understand and overcome problems where the cause is spiritual in nature
    • Achieve everlasting happiness.


2. Spirituality and Science

2.1 Why do you term Spirituality as a science?

We call the Spiritual Science (i.e. Spirituality) a ‘science’ because of the following:

  • The study of the spiritual dimension is just as systematic and logical as that of the physical world.
  • The reason for everything that happens in the spiritual or subtle-dimension is discernible just as in the physical or gross world.
  • The principles concerning the spiritual dimension can be tested again and again with the requisite tools. Just as the research tools are different for physics and architecture, so also are they for Spiritual Science. Here the main tool required is developed subtle-perception ability or an activated sixth sense.


3. About Spiritual Research

3.1 What is Spiritual Research?

Research in the spiritual dimension is known as spiritual research. It includes the study of events and phenomena in the spiritual dimension. The spiritual dimension is one that is beyond the understanding of our five sense organs, mind and intellect. True spiritual research into the cause of events in the spiritual dimension, can only be conducted with the help of our sixth sense. This research is about the spiritual cause of various phenomena and the spiritual remedies for the cause.

3.2 From where have you obtained this knowledge? Who is the source of the information on the website?

The source of the knowledge is the Universal Mind and Intellect, an aspect of God. Some of the SSRF seekers, through their developed sixth sense, are able to tap into the Universal Mind and Intellect. All knowledge received by them is also verified by His Holiness Dr. Athavale through His highly activated sixth sense.

3.3 Where is this spiritual research mainly conducted?

Basically, spiritual research means acquiring knowledge from God. It is conducted with the help of one’s advanced sixth sense. Hence, unlike modern scientific research, spiritual research is conducted in the spiritual dimension in a state of deep meditation. It is not conducted outside of the self – either in a laboratory or field trials in society.

3.4 How can you apply percentages to spiritual phenomena/attributes?

The study of the spiritual dimension is just as systematic and logical as that of the physical world. It can thus be quantified in percentages, etc. These percentages are obtained in a ready-made format from the Universal Mind and Intellect through the sixth sense in a state of deep meditation. They are not obtained through conventional research methodologies.

3.5 How do you validate your research?

The knowledge, independently received about any topic through the sixth sense by various seekers, is identical. For example, the details about ‘what exactly is happening in the subtle-dimension when a possessed person is being treated by spiritual healing methods’ as reported by various seekers, is found to be identical. Besides, all findings reported by all seekers are verified by H.H. Dr. Athavale.

3.6 How come other research studies do not reach the same conclusions?

Most research studies explore the spiritual dimension and its effects on man, with conventional tools of research while SSRF uses the medium of the activated sixth sense. Using conventional research methodologies to explore the spiritual realm is like trying to measure intelligence with a foot ruler. At best, this type of research can only be corroborative in nature rather than first hand research into the etiology of phenomena in the spiritual realm. What the mind/brain does not know, it will not seek to corroborate. Since all research conducted by SSRF is through the medium of the activated sixth sense, it does not face the restrictions of conventional research methodologies. Hence, the research conclusions are bound to be different.


4. Spiritual Science and Religion

4.1 Does SSRF belong to any religion?

SSRF does not belong to any religion. It is based on universal principles of spiritual science that relate to all of humanity regardless of cultural background or religion of birth. It can be applied by any genuine seeker of God belonging to any religion.

4.2 Is SSRF another new-age movement?

SSRF teaches all aspects of the Spiritual Science or Spirituality. This science has existed since times immemorial and is complete, unchanging and transcends religion, race or culture. New-age movements have only begun recently and embrace some concepts of the all encompassing Spiritual Science like the law of karma, auras, reincarnation, etc. Ironically, there is nothing ‘new’ about these concepts as these spiritual principles and phenomena have existed since the beginning of time.

4.3 Is Spiritual Science the same as Scientology?

Spiritual Science and Scientology both study about the Truth, but they differ in many aspects. For example, Scientology says the goal of life is to survive whereas Spiritual Science states that the goal of life is to merge with God.

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5. Lectures

5.1 Where can we attend your lectures?

Information about lectures conducted by us is available on our events page. Click here to view it.


6. For beginners

6.1 I have no background knowledge on this topic, where do I begin?

The Take a Tour section will provide you with an overview of the main sections on our website depending on your primary interest.

6.2 My life is really good; can I still gain from this website?

Yes, you can still gain from this website

  • A deeper understanding about our life: This website provides a deeper perspective into our life and the factors that affect it. This includes the basic purpose of life, why we do the things we do even when sometimes they are contrary to our nature, the root causes of difficulties in life and how to deal with them, etc.
  • Change is the only constant: Everything around us changes, and the status of our life at this moment is no guarantee of the future. 35% of our life events are decided by our willful actions and 65% are pre-destined. One can overcome mild to moderate destiny by doing spiritual practice. One cannot escape severe destiny, but one can get the ability to bear it by doing spiritual practice.

6.3 Who is a seeker?

A seeker is a person who makes honest and sincere efforts on a daily basis to grow spiritually. A seeker’s spiritual practice would intuitively conform to the 6 basic principles of spiritual practice. Having an intense desire for spiritual growth, a seeker, on a regular basis, strives to improve upon his or her spiritual practice quantitatively and qualitatively.

6.4 I am an atheist, how can I gain from this website?

  • You can gain from the sections about the basic purpose of life, universal concepts in Spiritual Science, why we do the things we do even when sometimes they are contrary to our nature, the root causes of difficulties in life, etc.
  • You could learn about the vast unseen subtle-world of ghosts, angels, heaven, hell, etc. from people who can see it and how it affects our lives.

6.5 I am a religious person, how can I gain from this website?

SSRF explains universal spiritual principles that go beyond religion, race, nationality, etc. You can complement your spiritual practice by using the various principles and you can also benchmark your spiritual progress across criteria given here.

6.6 I find the information on this website hard to believe.

We understand your feeling. Most of the information published on this website about the spiritual dimension has never been published before, and therefore it may be difficult to digest in the first reading. True understanding of something from the spiritual realm can only be attained through spiritual practice. One way for the skepticism to go away is to experience things first hand. With regular spiritual practice we are able to perceive this realm and our skepticism reduces.

6.7 What does SSRF recommend I do to begin my spiritual journey (spiritual practice)?

Whichever religious path or culture you come from, the Spiritual Science Research Foundation recommends three things you can do right away to begin or complement your spiritual journey.

  1. Chanting the Name of God according to the religion of your birth.
  2. Chanting a protective chant for ancestral problems.
  3. Building your spiritual knowledge.

For further details please visit the section “Start your spiritual journey.”

6.8 Do I have to let go of my worldly life to start practicing Spirituality?

You can begin spiritual practice as you are and in your free-time. Spiritual practice not only complements one’s worldly life, but also enhances it.


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