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Will global warming solutions succeed without internal change in humans?

The struggle to mitigate global warming trends will fully succeed only with efforts to bring about a change in the human mind, advises the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF)

MELBOURNE / NEW JERSEY (18 November 2011) – Although the basic reason for climate change and natural disasters are cyclical changes that occur over time, spiritual research conducted by SSRF reveals that mankind has a significant effect on climate patterns. The effect of humans on nature accounts for almost 70% of natural disasters today.

It is well known that mankind influences nature at a physical level, such as through the cutting of trees, oil leakages or carbon emissions, and this is what is most commonly addressed through global warming solutions and environmental action. However, there is a much more significant effect that humans produce at a psychological and spiritual level.

“Today the average person’s behaviour and thoughts are characterised by psychological traits like selfishness, greed, anger, aggressiveness and possessiveness, so people indiscriminately abuse the resources of the Earth”, explains Ana Prodanović of SSRF. She adds: “When we develop qualities such as expansiveness, thriftiness, simplicity, selflessness, then our ability to look after the planet increases.”

SSRF’s research further shows that the poor behaviour in humans we see nowadays is an outcome of their reduced spiritual consciousness. As a solution to this, and to bring about lasting change in the human mind, SSRF advises regular spiritual practice that conforms to universal spiritual laws.

SSRF, based in Australia, with centres and spiritual seekers around the world, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study the effect of the spiritual dimension that is often overlooked by conventional research methods.

Visit the article on global warming causes and solutions for more information or download the global warming solutions press release.

For media contacts visit SSRF’s press release section or call US toll free: +1 201 785 7773

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